The week I recorded this (mid-July) my baby had a growth spurt…..yep, that’s right. And she was a little more chatty and grizzly than usual so from now on expect to hear lots of her in the background! I hope you don’t mind, but like Sophie said to me at the end of our chat — I am a working mum, so hearing a baby gurgle, hiccup and snuffle while you hear me multitask is my reality.

But, obvs, hope you don’t mind it too much 😉 


pretty blonde standing in street new york - what she said podcast

I chat to the ever lovely Sophie Cliff, who runs the eponymous blog SophieCliff.com. She’s an award nominated blogger, and covers all things travel, lifestyle and musings on her daily life with her musician hubby Sam and cute cat Lola. Sophie is one of the nicest ladies around, and manages to blog daily despite having a full-time job!

We talked about starting out in blogging, growing a super engaged audience without caring about the rules and how she manages to create so much content while holding down a day job.

If you’re a part time blogger wondering how to make a success without losing your day job — this one is for you.


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Where you can find Sophie

Her Blog: http://www.sophiecliff.com/

Twitter: @sophiecliff

Instagram: @sophiecliff

L x

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