Holy crap, the podcast is still going! It’s been such a fun project and a total dream to basically chat to my mates and glean incredible blogging tips while drinking tea in my pj’s. The dream, y’all.

It’s come to a stage in the podcast where I’m thinking about whether to keep it as a fixed episode series and wrap things up after the run of guests I have scheduled thus far or keep going indefinitely. I’m in two minds because of life and because I need to find and ask more awesome women online if they’d be keen to be a part of it. What do you think? I might take to Twitter and see what my tweeps think too……

On with episode SEVEN, where I chat to Fifi, who runs the lifestyle blog Whimsy and Grey.

I initially talked to Fifi way back in April……but so much has changed since then we decided to scrap the original and have a brand new chat 😉 Which, selfishly, was fun because I love her!

Fifi runs the blog Whimsy and Grey, a beautiful family lifestyle blog filled with stories and snapshots of her life with gorgeous daughter Florrie and their house bunny Pip. Her Instagram account is stunning and has some of the best engagement around due in no small part to her brilliant hashtag projects.

We chatted about starting out in blogging, and how daunting it can be, ‘faking it’ and embracing the mess of everyday life.




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Where you can find Fifi

Her Blogs: http://www.whimsyandgrey.com

Twitter: @whimsyandgrey

Instagram: @whimsyandgrey

L x

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