Welcome to the FOURTH episode of the What She Said Podcast, where I chat to interesting women in blogging and the online world.

Last week was kinda nuts, because my little podcast shot to number five in its category chart behind Emma Gannon’s Ctrl, Alt, Delete AND was chosen to be on the front damn page of iTunes in the New & Noteworthy section!!! Although this wasn’t my ultimate goal…..it obviously was 😉 And I haven’t been as excited or proud of anything I’ve achieved except the small human sat on my lap right now…..she tops it, sorry podcast.

Anyway, it’s meant a whole load more downloads which is, of course, insanely exciting but pretty damn scary too. So….I’ve re-recorded my intro & outro and am working on the audio quality, but you won’t hear that difference for a few more episodes yet as they were already recorded.

Public service announcement OVER. On with episode four……..

Hannah Witton Vlogger

In this episode, I chat to vlogger Hannah Witton all about her burgeoning blog and upcoming BOOK which, FYI, is now out and a huge bestseller already. Hannah started out on YouTube when she was 19, so has stacks of experience in the crazy world of video editing.

Alongside this, she’s a podcaster, blogger, public speaker and now an author of an actual book.

This is such an interesting chat: a – because Hannah is both crazy experienced and relatively new to the blogging world, and b – because she is in the position of being a role model to hundreds of thousands of people, so has the unenviable task of having to use her words wisely online. Most of us don’t have this pressure, so it’s fascinating to hear her chat about it in such a level-headed way.

I really hope you enjoy this episode, which we recorded sat in my living room by a window — a rookie error because at times, you can hear youth on the street chatting to their ‘fam’….doh. Sorry about that 😉

NB: here’s the drunk advice video I referred to.


Where you can find Hannah

Her Blog: http://hannahwitton.com

Her You Tube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/hannahgirasol

Her Podcast: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/banging-book-club/id1124523511?mt=2

Twitter: @hannahwitton

Instagram: @hannahwitton

Facebook: @hannahwittonofficial

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