Welcome to the THIRD episode of the What She Said Podcast, where I chat to interesting women in blogging and the online world.

In this episode, I chat to Monica Stott aka The Travel Hack about how she grew her business from a small hobby blog while she was travelling to one of the UK’s top travel websites with a team of 7! She shares her growth game-changers, and some seriously brilliant tips for working with brands. If you want to know how to make money blogging, this one’s for you!


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The Travel Hack Blogger Course

Traverse: Blogging Conference

Travel Massive Blogger Events

World Travel Market

The Travel Mob Blogger Collective

Making Sense of Cents Finance Blog

Melissa Griffin Blog

Blogtacular Podcast


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Team Travel Hack:

Elle Croft: Blog / @elle_croft

Her book >> Pre order here

Taylor Hearts Travel: Blog / @taylorheartstvl

Rosalilium: Blog / @rosalilium

Bambi Jane Travels: Blog@astewartwriter 

Steph & Leah 

Where you can find Monica

Her Blog: http://thetravelhack.com

Twitter: @thetravelhack

Instagram: @thetravelhack / @themamahack

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheTravelHack/

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