And I ALSO wanted to thank my new Patrons! A HUGE thanks to Esra Alhamal and Emily Owen who join Lizzy Harley, Rabya Lomas, Julia Goodall, Amanda Jones, Carly, Natasha Fielden, Jenna Stobbs, Ingrid Marie Kielland and Jessica Phillips. THANKS SO MUCH! 

And thanks to all of you who download, listen and share this podcast. This is the very last episode of season 4 and right now, I’m not planning another. So…..there may be another #PODMAS this year but we’ll see. I love the podcast, and I’ve enjoyed creating it and cultivating a community around it. I’ve REALLY appreciated my guests and the honesty and wisdom they’ve brought to the table but I don’t feel it’s serving me right now and, quite honestly, it’s knackering to produce! 

Instead, I’ve decided to focus on Patreon, my newsletter & of course Instagram! I’m planning a new podcast and will be releasing episodes exclusively for Patreon. My weekly love letters to my newsletter are back every Sunday and that’ll just be my usual honest ramblings about low impact living, sustainability and musings on freelancing and creative life. 

Today’s episode is a JUICY one, as ever and it’s particularly brilliant because it’s with one of my very favourite IN REAL LIFE friends Rabya Lomas aka She Flourished. Rabya is a beautiful writer and photographer creating playful, whimsical and political content on her blog and Instagram. 

We chatted about Rabya’s experience of covert racism, how to be a good ally, white supremacy and *that* slow fashion takedown.

Show it some love over on Instagram if you enjoyed the episode – it’s potentially the last ever episode so I’d love to go out with a bang!
Hope you enjoy the episode! 

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S4E13: Getting Started with Email Lists

S4E13: Getting Started with Email Lists

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