S02 Episode 4: Making BIG Things Happen Your Own Way with Jen Carrington

S02 Episode 4: Making BIG Things Happen Your Own Way with Jen Carrington

In today’s episode, I chat to creative coach Jen Carrington about why she’s a coach!

Shall we just all take a minute to high five a million angels at this episode? Way back before I was even pregnant, and I decided I wanted to start a podcast I started working with Jen and knew she was my dream guest. Fast forward to now, and here you have me giddily interviewing my mentor about why she’s a coach.

Jen is the most wonderful human and has been a huge source of support and inspiration to me. She is amazing at blocking out the noise and following her own path, which is something I think we all aspire to do! We explored having healthy boundaries with clients, chatted about books Jen recommends to creatives and discuss what coaching means to us both.

If you’re curious about what coaching can do for you or want to become one yourself this is the episode for you.

Where you can find Jen

Her Blog: http://www.jencarrington.com

Her Podcast: http://www.makeithappenpodcast.com

Weekly Letters: http://www.jencarrington.com/weekly-letters/

Twitter: @jen_carrington

Instagram: @jencarrington_


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