S02 Episode 14: Instagram Photoshopping & Travel with The Slow Traveler

This week I chat with the wonderful Carolyn of The Slow Traveler. It’s another giggle fest as we had a natter about Instagram, slow travel (including India tangents…..) and how and why Carolyn decided to do a degree in photography. 

FULL DISCLOSURE: We recorded this episode before Carolyn hacked her own Instagram account, so that’s the reason we didn’t chat about it! 

Carolyn was so honest, generous and funny and I felt super inspired after chatting with her. 

If you are feeling a bit ‘meh’ about Instagram, this is the episode for you.

References >>

Carolyn’s fave film

S1E5: Brenna of This Battered Suitcase

Carolyn’s post on quitting her job to travel.

Where you can find Carolyn:

Her Blog: http://www.theslowtraveler.com

Twitter = @theslowtraveler

Instagram = @theslowtraveler

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