S02 Episode 10: What Brands REALLY Want From Bloggers with Traverse

This week it’s What HE Said as I chat to Paul & Michael, the founders of Traverse.


Traverse is a digital influencer marketing agency and also organise the biggest influencer events in the UK. You’ve probably been to one or two of their events even if you haven’t realised it, especially if you are in the travel niche.

And I used to work for them 🙂

I thought it would be cool to chat with them about what brands look for from influencers, so we had a lively catch up at Michael’s bachelor pad about the things you can do to get yourself noticed. It might surprise you that it’s not all about the numbers!

If you want to start working with brands, tourist boards, your local off-license (!) — this is the episode for you.

Where you can find Traverse:

Website: http://www.traverse-events.com

Twitter: @traverseevents

Instagram: @traverseevents

Facebook: /traverseevents

L x

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