How to Perfect Red Lipstick for Christmas

How to Perfect Red Lipstick for Christmas

I love a bold lip, it’s one of the easiest ways to perk up my face and make it look like I’ve made an effort. I have a ridiculously low tolerance for eye make up, aside from my black eyeliner, as my eye’s are the oh so annoying ‘hooded lid’ variety. Whenever I wear a big splash of colourful lipstick, I always get compliments (I think it’s out of fear, because my lips look as though they may attack at any point) and said compliment is usually followed up by – I wish i could wear red/pink/orange lipstick, it just looks awful on me/I don’t know how. Have no fear my pretties, I will show you how to perfect a red lip in time for the lovely Christmas season. You are SO welcome.

I have a few staples that I always have to hand when I rock a bold lipstick, which ultimately are all working towards one main goal — prep, prep, prep. That’s the only way your lips will hold the lipstick as well as looking smooth and moisturised as opposed to crusty and dry. Gross, I know. It may seem like an insane amount of products, but trust me it’s worth it for the lovely end result and staying power. You don’t necessarily need all of them, and you can switch in with something of your own….I’ll make clear where I think you can do so.

Lip Products to perfect and prepare for a bold lipstick

The Lip Kit

So, without further ado, let’s begin!

1) Exfoliate with an exfoliator….not an old toothbrush and some vaseline. I have 2 exfoliators; a coarse sugar scrub (from a now defunct Beauty brand…which tells me I should probably throw it away!) which sluffs off the dead skin, and then a slighly acidic fine exfoliation gel which I pop on afterwards. Belive me, your lips will look #babysmooth afterwards. You can get away with just one product, but you might need to give it a couple of scrubs — especially in Winter when everything is dryer than usual. Finish with some lip balm. I use Eight Hour Cream religiously, and would highly recommend that you do too:)

Lip Exfoliators to perfect Lipstick

The Lip Exfoliators – B Sugar Srub, Etre Belle Liplift Peel

2) Prime. You probably all wear a primer before applying foundation but you can also do this before wearing eyeshadow (especially if you have oily lids like me) and you should definitely do so before applying any bright lipstick. It diffuses the natural colour of your lips so the colour stays true, and it also helps lay the foundation for a nice long lasting lipstick. Now, you can really just use your foundation as long as it’s not a super dewy type but I personally swear by Guerlain Liplift. It looks like a very pale concealer stick, but you apply it all over your lips (a little over your lipline) and buff in with your finger, or a brush if you are insanely perfectionist.

Guerlain LipLift Lip Prim

Guerlain LipLift Lip Primer

3) Paint! Yep, you are now ready to paint the town….or your lips Red, or whatever colour you want. A few notes on lipsticks here….in the budget category, I love Rimmel and Maybelline and further up the ££ chain I adore Lancome, Guerlain, Nars and Dior lippies but I really don’t love MAC. I find all of their lipsticks far too drying for my lips, but clearly this is the payoff for the amazing pigmentation you get. My absolute favourite Red is by Lancome — the Velvet Matte colours. They are super pigmented and go on like a powdery gloss….hence, velvet matte. You can apply it straight from the tube/bullet — with the weird spongey applicator that L’Oreal seem to have trademarked — or use a brush. It depends on how I’m feeling and what I’m using, but when it’s a very long lasting formula I do find it safer to work with a brush.

Lancome L'Absolu Velours Velvet Matte Red Lipstick

Lancome L’Absolu Velours Velvet Matte Red Lipstick

4) Last but not least, you need to set your lipstick (especially if you are using a very moisturising one). All I do, is blot with a tissue and reapply. I never use a powder to finish, although I regularly disgust myself with my lack finesse…..but you now what? Six beauty products are more than enough for one look don’t you think?

5) I know I said lastly…..but if you need something more than your cleanser to take your lipstick off – try the Sephora Oil in Gel lipstick remover. It will loosen any stainy type formulas, like so…..

Sephora Oil in Gel Lipstick Remover

Sephora Oil in Gel Lipstick Remover

Et Voila! The finished look……

Wearing the finished Red Lip....look how pasty I look!

Wearing the finished Red Lip.

What do you think? Any tips you have for a succesful bold lip look?

Lucy Lucraft
Lucy Lucraft

Lucy is a freelance journalist, blogger and podcaster based in Brighton, UK.

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      Ah thanks Jessop! xx

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    25th November 2014 / 10:26 pm

    Hurrah!! Thanks Luce, I’ll let you know how I get on – I’m a lipstick dunce…. X

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