Exploring Rajasthan – An Indian Dream

After a hectic time travelling to Rajasthan from the south (see 5 states in one week post.), and knowing that once we hit Agra things would be busy again, we wanted to chill out a bit and enjoy some sightseeing and food eating.

Day 52 – 54: Udaipur
We started off in Udaipur at about 8am and hit the ground running by dumping our stuff at the singularly unfriendly Nukkad guesthouse (top tip: don’t stay there!) and heading out to see the sights. Udaipur is tiny, so you could easily see the main sights in a day if you didn’t want to stay. We stayed 3 days in the end, mostly because we couldn’t be bothered to sort our onward travel out (another story) but it was lovely and chilled and we would totally recommend it. Some of our highlights were:

Udaipur, India

Udaipur, India

– Royal Palace — it’s genuinely beautiful and we got a sneaky look at the actual king when we went (he was checking the latest armoury pieces). I loved the girly ness of the place — see the vintage cosmetics case…..

Cooking Class, Udaipur, India

Cooking Class, Udaipur, India

– Shashi’s cooking course — this was amazing! We learned how to cook about 15 things, and ate it all too (yum) . Shashi is a real character and has a really interesting life story (which she will tell you!). The restaurant she normally operates out of (Sunrise) is currently under construction so pop into the travel agent opposite as they can contact her son to arrange. We paid 700 rupees each for a half day course, inc. free pick up and drop off.

– Yoga! I actually really enjoyed this one….who knew. India is full of yogi types and it’s a great place to play at being a hippy. We did a couple of classes in the temple, but they are all over and a lot of guesthouses offer them. Free, just a donation (we gave r100 each). No yoga, no chapatti…….

– The Classic Car museum — the Royals house their amazing car collection here, and there are a few famous ones…..their Rolls Royce phantom was used in Octopussy.

Day 54 – 56: Pushkar

Ahhhhh we loved Pushkar, pretty much from the moment we got there. We stayed at a great guesthouse (Hotel Everest) who had a gorgeous fat Labrador called Lion, as well as some high altitude tortoises on the roof terrace.

Everyone here seemed to be getting things made to sell back in the UK, and we met stacks of creatives…..a LOT of travel w@@kers but overall loads of lovely people. And some lovely Brits:)

The food….omg the food. Weirdly, the Lonely Planet have missed all of the best places for food and listed a lot of toot. But we were kinda pleased about that, as it meant we had a few lovely cheap authentic places to hang out. Our highlight was without question, the BEST vegetable biryani in the world…….it had pomegranate seeds on for goodness sakes. Highlights….

Pushkar, India

Pushkar, India


– This amazing display of feminism on the streets on National Women’s Day. (I also travelled to Jodhpur for free!)
– Similarly to Udaipur, there is a big lake. Pushkar’s lake is a lot less pretty and a touch smellier though……however we went to see Gau Ghat (Ghandi Ghat) where Ghandi’s ashes were sprinkled.
– The yummy food and lassis at the Shiva Juice centre.
– Clothes! I had 3 pairs of trousers made for r900 (£9).

Day 56 – 58: Jodhpur

Honestly, Jodhpur was really dull. The ‘blue city’ was a massive let down, but c’est la vie. The fort is definitely worth a visit — it’s amazingly well organised and maintened. Great views also. I would say that our highlight was the amazing omelette man (pictured) who served us an epic masala omelette sarnie for 45p. Delish. Awesome dude too.

The Blue City, Jodhpur, India

The Blue City, Jodhpur, India


Off to Agra. L x

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