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How to Start a Podcast: Because podcasters have more fun…

You’re obsessed with podcasts. You listen to about ten different ones a week. You have your favourite hosts in your ear guiding you through business experiences, teaching you, inspiring you. You cry at the love stories, laugh at the shenanigans, and always seem to find yourself listening on the edge of your seat. You’re hooked.

But when you think about it, podcasting doesn’t seem that hard, I mean talking comes naturally, making your own could be fun, no? You’ve got an inkling of an idea, or perhaps you’re looking for an idea, but you just can’t understand where to go from here.

That was me two years ago too.

I came up with the idea for my podcast before I was pregnant, and a little like my baby it grew inside me. It was birthed pretty dramatically too!

Apart from a little tech help from a friend, I did the whole thing on my tod.

My pod baby became my podcast, What She Said in 2017 when my human baby was a couple of months old. It shot straight into new and noteworthy on iTunes and it’s been hanging around the top of the charts ever since.

Starting my podcast was the best decision I have ever made. It has changed my life. I tripled my income by finding my customers and learned an awesome new skill while I was at it.

I want this for you.

So why should you start a podcast?

Podcasting is one of the most underrated forms of content among bloggers. Many of us are super keen to add a new string to our bow and video is a natural progression in the blogging world. But what about audio?

You can do it wearing nothing more than your PJs whilst lazing around in bed, all you need is  headphones, your phone and something to say. Simple.

There’s a relatively small learning curve with the art of podcasting but the sooner you get cracking the sooner you’ll master it!

Like me! I mean I’m no techy expert but I sure as hell know a thing or two about creating a successful podcast.




The course will be delivered via three 60 minute group calls (with a maximum of 8 people) where I’ll share my knowledge and give you all a chance to ask questions.

There’s also a secret Facebook group you can join where you’ll get extra support from me as well as a chance to discuss your podcasts, learn from other students and make new pals!

If  you want a totally bespoke experience you can opt for the VIP option. It’s a fantastic opportunity for us to bash out anything you are struggling with. We’ll get you over any hurdles and out into the world of podcasting ASAP!



Need more? The VIP option gives you all of the above plus two 60 minute 1-1 chats with me and email support to help you smash your way to podcasting nirvana! One 60 minute mentoring session with me is normally £200 so this is blimmin’ fantastic value!



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