How to Start a Podcast MASTERCLASS


In the 90-minute training I’ll teach you how to:

  • Plan and prepare for launch
  • Choose a niche and focus
  • Pick the right equipment and recording gear
  • Launch & grow your audience
  • Monetise/support your podcast

You’ll also receive the full slide deck and resources when you purchase.

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Like most of the planet you love podcasts. In fact, you love them so much you have about 25 different ideas of podcasts you want to start….

But it feels so complicated.

And time consuming.

And what if everyone hates it.

Or nobody listens at all.

Also, can you even monetise it?

Will it be as much of an uphill battle as getting Instagram growth??

I came up with the idea for my podcast before I was pregnant, and a little like my baby it grew inside me. It was birthed pretty dramatically too!

Apart from a little tech help from a friend, I did the whole thing on my tod.

My pod baby became my podcast, What She Said in 2017 when my human baby was a couple of months old. It shot straight into new and noteworthy on iTunes and it’s been hanging around the top of the charts ever since.

Starting my podcast was the best decision I have ever made. It has changed my life. I tripled my income by finding my customers and learned an awesome new skill while I was at it.

I want this for you.


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