Freelance Writing for Bloggers


A five-week course for bloggers who want to get their writing published, and start a freelance writing career


The course for bloggers who want to get published.

You’ve always wanted to be a writer. You’re pretty freaking good at it actually. You write for your blog, you write for other people’s blogs, you guest post, and you do a hell of a lot of writing for exposure. But is anyone actually paying you for it?

If you answered no, then why the feck not?

Perhaps you’ve written for a couple of websites but you still don’t have that elusive column. Or perhaps you don’t even want a regular column, you just want your first byline. Your name in lights.

But you can’t work out how the fudge to do it.

That was me a few years ago too. Before I worked out the secret to getting published and became a full-time journalist.

So how did I do it?

I’ve wanted to be a writer since I was five, when I won a creative writing competition, and yes, I have absolutely no idea how I won a competition when I could barely even write.

Anyway, fate dictated my path would be a little different and for various reasons it took me another 20-odd years to get my first byline (because I did other stuff, not because I am terrible at pitching… honest!).

After I quit my job to see the world, I started writing a travel blog and that’s where it all began. Again. I kept writing prolifically for the next six years, landing my first byline for Lonely Planet and continuing as the travel reporter for the Express. I’ve racked up stacks of bylines since, some with national newspapers, some with niche online magazines and everything inbetween.

I’ve written health pieces, opinion pieces, travel, lifestyle and news, too and even received fan mail in the process!

And it all started with a super crappy blog post, published with no knowledge of what would soon become my dream job.

What can you expect?

In Your first byline I’ll teach you the essential information that got me published in places like Express, The Sun, The Pool, Stylist, Red and The Telegraph.

Lasting five weeks, you’ll get a new lesson each week including audio, video and guest lessons by writer Monica Stott, author Elle Croft and journalist Sarah Arnold.

All of this will be enhanced by our super secret Facebook group where you’ll get extra support from me as well as a chance to discuss your experiences, learn from other students and make a bunch of fabulous connections!

I can’t promise you’ll get a weekly column with Grazia by the end of the year but with my first-hand experience and stacks of industry knowledge, I’ll supply you with all the tools you need to get your first byline.

After the course I’ll be around for a final Q&A in the Facebook group to help you on your way.

Oh, my babies, you grow up so fast •sobs•.




  • Course (obvs)
  • Facebook group
  • Homework

Course + 1:1 support


  • Course
  • 1 x 1hr Calls
  • Bespoke homework that will be marked
  • Email support for duration of course + 3 months


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