Freelance Writing for Bloggers


Freelance Writing for bloggers is a self-paced course designed for bloggers who want to crack into freelance writing. 

PLEASE NOTE: You will be registered for the course via your Paypal email address so please let me know if you’d like it be sent to a different address (hello@lucylucraft.com)


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For bloggers who want to get their first byline.

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So, you think you need more experience and published writing to pitch? WRONG! 

I’m guessing you’ve always wanted to be a writer.

You’re pretty freaking good at it actually, everyone tells you so and you won a prize for it when you were five and got the BEST TEDDY BEAR EVER (just me?!)


You love writing, you already do writing. On your blog, on other people’s blogs and anywhere you can get your words out.

But nobody is paying you for it. FACEPALM.

You’ve ‘guest posted’ and written for ‘exposure’ on a couple of websites but you still don’t have that elusive column. Or perhaps you don’t even want a regular column, you just want your first byline.

Your name in lights (well, online or in print somewhere anyway, the lights might have to be metaphorical…..)

But you honestly can’t work out how the fudge to do it.

That was me a few years ago too. Before I worked out the secret to getting published and became a full-time jobbing journalist.

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In the five week self-paced course, I’ll teach you:

– Cultivate relationships with editors 

– Pitch with confidence

– Develop your ‘beat’ and niche

– Deliver a quality feature! 

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I’ve wanted to be a writer since I was about five. When I won that creative writing competition….ps how the hell do you win writing competitions when you can barely write?!

Anyway, fate dictated my path would be a little different and for various reasons it took me another 20-odd years to get my first byline (because I did other stuff, not because I am terrible at pitching….honest)

After I quit my job to travel, I started writing a travel blog.

That’s where it all began. Again. And I kept writing prolifically for the next six years landing my first byline for Lonely Planet and continuing on to be the travel reporter for the Express. I’ve racked up stacks of bylines since, some with national newspapers and some with niche online magazines and lots in-between.

I’ve written health pieces, opinion pieces, travel, lifestyle and news, too (and received fan mail in the process!)

And it all started with a super crappy blog post, published with no knowledge of what would become my dream job.

There’s no secret to it, really. BUT there’s a learning curve, one I can guide you through.

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Today I pitched a news piece to The Pool and within 5 mins had a response that it was the perfect pitch for themI got there because Lucy has helped me fine tune how I include a hook, make it relevant and show myself as the writer they need to write this.

So THANK YOU Lucy. You absolutely know your stuff and your support has been amazing. Whoop!”

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“I can confirm that this course is GREAT!

It is 100% BS free and demystifies the scary world of freelance writing.

Lucy really knows what she’s talking about and shares literally everything she has learnt.”

[/et_pb_testimonial][et_pb_testimonial author=”Kat Nicholls” job_title=”Writer & Coach” portrait_url=”https://lucylucraft.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/Kat.jpeg” _builder_version=”3.26.6″ _i=”8″ _address=”″]

“The course is really helpful if you want to gain confidence in pitching and the practical steps to do so.

I’ve started pitching as part of my day-job now and continue to use the lessons learnt.”


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The content completely exceeded my expectations! Lucy provided the perfect balance of insider knowledge and common sense, and were so generous with both.

This is a confidence boost in course form. 

My personal experience was that Lucy’s straightforward style of teaching and fantastic common sense massively helped to overcome any self-doubt I had about just hitting send on my next pitch email.

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I can’t promise you’ll get a weekly column with Grazia by the end of the year but I CAN give you all my knowledge, and all the tools to get you your first byline.

In the course I know) I’ll teach you EVERYTHING I know. Everything that got me published in places like The Sun, Stylist, Red and The Telegraph.

Over five weeks, you’ll get a new lesson each week including audio, video and guest lessons by Monica Stott, Elle Croft and jobbing journalist Sarah Arnold.

There’ll be a secret Facebook group where you’ll get support from other students as well as from me.

And when you finish the course I’ll still be around to give you a pitch review to help you on your way……my babies, you grow up so fast •sobs•.

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  • Course
  • Facebook Group
  • Homework (this isn’t marked)
  • Email support for the course


  • Course
  • Facebook Group
  • Bespoke homework (marked & critiqued)
  • 1 hr 1:1 mentoring call with me
  • Email support for the course + 3 months afterwards

PAYMENT PLAN | 39 X 4 > http://lucylucraft.com/payment-plans/

PAY WHAT YOU CAN | £1 – £154


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