Week 20 of my pregnancy will forever be etched in my memory as the start of my ‘baby-brain’.

To start with, I travelled to Stockholm on a Surprise Trip and told anyone and everyone it was the bump’s first trip. Which was a lie. I had totally forgotten that the bump’s first trip was actually to Inverness back in September…..woops.

Needless to say, this was the bump’s first trip to Scandinavia, and my own. We both loved it!

And we also inadvertently started a really cool little project, totally by accident. Wandering around Gamla Stan on our last day, we picked up the most adorable print for the nursery from a really cool little interiors shop (there were stacks in Stockholm!) Anyway, as keen travellers, we thought we might pick up a print from everywhere we travel to decorate the baby’s room, which is a lot more ‘us’ than painting it blue, pink or yellow…..or adding some heinous wall decal of cute sheep or other baby-appropriate nonsense.

smiling pregnant woman on plane

The only issue so far is that the nursery is currently my office…..and hasn’t been in use for many months due to the annoying refurbs. So, it’s basically a dumping ground for crap. One day soon it’ll be nice though….surely?!

That got me thinking about other cool projects we could do for the baby. As you know, I’ve really loved my pregnancy, and I definitely love the fact I have these diaries to document it. One day I’ll be able to look back and show the bump….the bump, as it were.

So it was awesome timing when Britax contacted me to help promote their Life is a Journey campaign. They are already super established in the car seat world, but their new campaign aims to support parents on their first steps out of the house. They did some number crunching and found that nearly half of new parents (47 per cent) have  cancelled a long trip (of an hour or more) at least once. Which is why their campaign for the new Baby-Safe i-Size car seat is focusing on making sure parents don’t have to worry about anything other than leaving the house!

It’s something I feel really passionate about, as I’ve seen how hard it can be to just get out to a cafe with a little dot….let alone on a plane around the world. Both Oli and I are really determined to make sure we at least try to travel, and I know we’ll need to leave the house to avoid cabin fever and get our London eating fix — so I’m really proud to be    a part of the project.

Pregnancy - white britax camera on flatlay table

Britax sent me a gorgeous Instax Mini to capture all the little moments with the bump, and baby when it’s born and I have a gorgeous album to put them in too.

If you follow me on Instagram you’ll already have seen a couple of pictures, but watch out for more! And please give me any suggestions of cool pictures Oli and I could take before our wee one pops out (painlessly please?!).

Until next week, I’ll love you and leave you.

L x

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