I’ve still not caught up to my ‘real time’ bump in these pregnancy diaries as I am currently 19 weeks pregnant — almost halfway!

Week 15 made little impression on me to be honest because at this stage, there was still no movement from the little runt, and with no symptoms anymore I don’t even feel pregnant. Having said that, my boobs are ginormous and I am now enjoying wearing a rotating combination of revolting nursing bra and sports bra. Because of said mammaries, by back is pretty sore too.

Aside from that though, I feel great. My skin is still revolting and I don’t know if it will get back to normal again. I’m so used to being able to tackle my skin head on, with treatments, antibiotics o products that I’m not used to having to just accept it might just be a bit crap until the baby’s born. Any, and all advice welcome!

We took a trip to the Kings road and couldn’t resist popping into Peter Jones where I demanded a persue of the nursery section. OMG that place is overwhelming. Buggies for thousands, insane swathes of fabric that transform into slings and some seriously gross pumps. Needless to say, we left feeling a little unprepared and promptly went to the pub for lunch instead.

Pregnancy - white britax camera on  flatlay table

Speaking of which, I’ve been craving wine and it’s the most annoying thing to have to sit in a pub watching others get drunk while you are judged for merely wanting a sip (spoiler alert, this all changes by week 19). Pregnancy truly is a bonkers game of how many rules you can unquestionably remember to adhere to. SO many rules, and so little information on why you have to follow them…..you just, do. And while I’m on the subject of this — if you meet a pregnant woman who is enjoying a sandwich filled with what she thinks are ‘rule-following’ ingredients, shut up and let her eat it.┬áTell her when she’s finished if you feel you absolutely must, but let her bloody enjoy it first!

My bump is ever growing, and I think I must have put on stacks of weight already. But I honestly don’t care!

Have a dreamy week.

L x

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