This week was so damn dull I can’t even think what to write about! After an amazing Christmas in Paris , we head for the fens to spend some awesome quality time with our families. We had an awesome time, but I cannot tell you how tough it was to avoid all the cheese (Oli’s family only had contra-band) and all the alcohol (my family had a New Years party.


I am genuinely excited for the day I can sink a bottle of wine in the bath while eating blue cheese. On second thoughts…..that sounds gross.

Aside from that, really nothing happened! I got some gorgeous Topshop Maternity bits (new found love!) for Christmas which I love, and my skin is starting to really clear up which I think is down to semi-religious use of the amazing Lumie Clear device.

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My thoughts on picking the best lingerie when you're pregnant.

Honestly though guys….I got nothing this week. Absolutely nothing.

Okay….I’ve got one thing for you. Underwear. Who knew once you got pregnant you’d have to wear the most hideous range of underwear in the universe? I mean, I knew my mammaries would grow along with everything else but I never expected I would soon have to upscale my bra’s not once, not twice but THRICE.

Each time, I’m positive it’ll be the last and then POOF — somehow they are spilling out of the latest number and I’m back to square one. It’s annoying, as I started off with pretty big boobs anyway (28E) but I’m now a 34DD…..my actual ribcage has expanded. How creepy is that?

I’ve plumped for good old M&S, but I have to admit their bra fitting service has been less than exceptional. If anyone has any top tips on this conundrum I’d be incredibly grateful!

Until next week!

L x

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