Ooooh, is this my first ever Mama packing list? Obviously, this is a small holiday and it may not even happen given my plans to have a home-birth, but I am nothing if not a planner, so I’ve planned for the eventuality I have to transfer into hospital.

And that means packing a hospital bag…which, I’m not gonna lie taps into one of my FAVE activities ever. Packing, y’all!

So, to start off with there are a whole load of helpful, and totally useless, checklist for what to pack in your hospital bag and I devoured them all. I also noted the fab advice in Clemmie’s amazing book: How to Grow a Baby & Push it Out ** and I got cracking with a giant list.

I approached it the same way I approach any other packing project and thought about the activities I’d be getting up to on my ‘trip’. Okay, so it’s a pretty active one, with some…..erm, swimming and a need to have pants that aren’t pretty. I probably won’t be going out to dinner, so lounge wear will suffice. And in terms of shoes, no drama ‘cos my hotel will be totally down with me skipping barefoot around the gaff.

Yeah, so I mean I followed the same procedure with glee. I packed a beautiful bag, then looked at a few lists and realised I’d forgotten a few key things. Namely, clothes for the baby. WOOPS. Is it just me or is it a worrying sign I didn’t think to pack anything for the star of the show?

Never mind. Without further ado, here’s what I’m packing in my hospital bag.

And because I love you – here’s a nice little printable for you to customise and keep for yourself.

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This week on the Pregnancy Diaries I share everything I'm packing in my hospital bag, just in case my home birth plans don't work out!

Inside My Hospital Bag


Lansinoh Nipple Cream* (also an amazing lipbalm!)

Miniature shower gel, shampoo & conditioner & hand cream

Burt’s Bee’s Mama Bee Belly Butter* (this is the BEST stuff, and I have zero stretch marks!)

Neal’s Yard cleansing oil miniature + flannels

Toothbrush + toothpaste


Tangle Teezer

This Works Deep Sleep Spray


Breast pads & pantyliners (I cannot believe I am heading back to ‘periods’…BOO)


A clean set of stretchy-as-fook clothes for coming home in.

Shirt nighty (for nursing, and so my poor bits are left well alone ya know?)

Cosy socks


Disposable pants….seriously. Grim, right?

Birth Bits

Oils: Clary Sage & Lavender oil (I’ll use these in an oil burner at home, but dabbed on a muslin or something if I go into the hospital)


Phone & charger (for my Spotify push playlist & for pics and shiz)

Book (just in case)

Hospital notes (including a copy of my birth preferences)


First outfit: a babygro, scratch mitts and a wee hat.





Britax Baby Safe-i-Size Car seat **

** Please note that some of the items in this post are PR samples and the post contains an affiliate link. If you purchase through this link it won’t cost you anything but I receive a small commission. A girl’s gotta eat! Please see my full disclaimer here.

L x

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