Woah there, how am I only three weeks away from my due date?! Okay, the due date is BS anyway so I’m more like a month off right? Yep, that feels way more acceptable.

So this week I’ve had my first bit of pregnancy discomfort and YES I know, I’ve been very lucky and deserve to have a bit of pain now but FML does it have to come in the form of waddling like an actual dying duck?

Okay yes, yes it does. It came on so quickly, with no warning that I was almost convinced this was a sign of early labour/needing a hip replacement. Initially the pain in my hip causing me to wince with pain at every single step was hideous, but simply slowed me down as opposed to stopping me in my tracks entirely.

But then it got worse. And on two or three days I couldn’t walk at all! I presumed this was just ‘standard pregnancy pain’ and it seemed to probably be sciatica. So I resigned myself to stretching more, pushing through the pain and walking even when it made me cry (a sorry state that I *think* caused Pret to give me a free drink!). However, my midwife immediately referred me urgently to a physiotherapist who saw me the very next day (God BLESS the NHS!) and I was diagnosed with something entirely different.

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The Pregnancy Diaries_ 37 weeks Sciatica or Pelvic Girdle Pain? #1

Pelvic Girdle Pain

What a name…..if it reminds you of a strange disease only Victorian prostitutes get, that’s where my head’s at too. I’ve never heard of it, but after a session with the physio and doing some reading I’ve realised it’s something a lot of women are potentially not realising they have during pregnancy.

The worst thing about not working out if you have sciatic, PGP or something else is that you absolutely shouldn’t be walking loads, or doing more yoga if you have PGP! I was prescribed more rest, some specific exercises and a rather fetching tubigrip to wear to support my hips.

I stopped yoga in the short term, and I’m happy to report that after a week the pain had all but gone.

It’s a short one this week, so if you want to catch up with any of my old posts head on over here.

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