It’s 33 weeks y’all and I’m pretty much the same as I was last week. The third trimester, for me, is shaping up to be pretty similar to my second in that I feel pretty energetic most of the time, then hit a complete wall and want to go to bed. It’s now time to start thinking about ‘birth preferences’ as Oli and I need to write these in our notes soon which is pretty scary…..and the midwife has been worryingly asking me when I’m going to get anything for the baby (I currently have nada bar the bits I was kindly donated by my fairy godmother Kate).

But I’m not too worried as I am almost positive I’ll be at least a week late meaning I have about two months left of pregnancy. Plenty of time right? Well…..I guess so.

So, I’ve got a rough idea of what I want ‘gear wise’ and it’s not too jazzy. I know I want to ‘co-sleep’ with the baby for the first six months so we’ll be getting one of those jazzy co-sleeping cots that attach to the bed with a zippy mesh side so you get a little space from the leech (jokes….honestly, I’m joking).

The only reason I want this is because our bedroom is down some annoyingly steep stairs which I can tell will be a total ball-ache when I’m up half the night feeding. And we don’t have enough space for a big cotbed…..a moses basket on a stand would work (btw I only know these different options as I write this four weeks later) but they don’t seem to last long at all. Certainly not six months anyway.

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This week I'm talking about my decision to co-sleep with my baby. I'm also trying to navigate what on EARTH babies sleep in?!

The other bits we need are based around our priorities. Really early on we knew we were keen to travel as much as we could with the baby….be that to the local cafe, the park or Morocco, so with that in mind we sought out brands and stuff that kind of aligned with these values.

And this is why I’m very proud to announce my partnership with Britax. I’m supporting their #LifeisaJourney campaign and am an official Mumbassador for the brand, who are so brilliant and are happily, completely aligned with our baby plans too. They are really passionate about safety, and empowering parents to get out of the damn house! Because their products are, quite literally, safe as houses — you are free to roam to your heart’s content safe in the knowledge the ‘boring safety’ stuff has been taken care of. Which I love. Because I’m not in the market for devouring a Which catalogue to find out that Britax is the best choice and buying e   verything in their range anyway 😉 I’ll be road testing their Affinity 2 Travel system and the Baby Safe i-size Car seat.

I’m also pretty darn keen to buy a sling for the baby, and I’ve been recommended a few different brands. But I think I’ll be going for the ErgoBaby sling which my friend Charlotte raved about. It’s a totally ergonomic design made to support baby’s hips in the ‘frog’ position they should be in to aid proper growth (I know, who knew?!) Anyway, luckily for me the brand have sent me a beautiful Sophie La Girafe sling to try as soon as the baby is born (or before…..with Sinbad inside?!) so I’ll tell you all about it then.

Aside from that, I’m debating the need for a nappy bin — my flat is TINY and because we live in London we can only put our bin bags out between 9pm and 5am twice a week (urgh) so I don’t relish the idea of having dirty nappies all over the gaff until Oli gets home and I can run downstairs to dump them in the standard bin (which is always full anyway.) I have a feeling this *might* become the absolute bane of my life.

I also don’t know if I need a proper baby bath. I love a bath myself so I’m loosely planning on jumping in with the munchkin to have a mummy/baby bath….with a little more Johnson’s baby bath and, sadly, a lot less glitter Lush stuff.  But I wonder if that will get a little tiresome when it gets a tad more wriggly……I mean, I’ll develop gins of steel for sure, but probably only on one arm. So……there’s that.

ALL thoughts and advice very gratefully received. Also, send help, I’m not nearly grown up enough for this 😉

L x

** Please note that I am partnering with Britax & Ergobaby who have both sent me products to review. Regardless of who is footing the bill though, all views are my own and I would NEVER lie to you! Read my full disclaimer here.