Woop, welcome to the third trimester! It’s bizarre to be here, and I have to say — it’s not as bad as people make out. I have a pregnancy app (like most people) and each week am hit with a new load of terrible symptoms I have to look forward to — heartburn, backache, insomnia……But honestly, I’m still waiting for all of this, I haven’t felt any of these at all. I’ve been sleeping better, have no heartburn and still have enough energy to get me through the day (with dog walks thrown in!). But as most people will say: “Just you wait…..it’ll be terrible soon.”

One slightly irritating thing that happened this week though, was having to be tested for Gestational Diabetes. Most people won’t have to be tested for this, and if they do it’s typically due to having a larger baby…..or displaying some symptoms suggestive of diabetes (thirsty, dry mouth etc etc). But I have a sickly family, and my maternal gran and dad both had diabetes in later life (due to lifestyle) so I was classed, yet again, as ‘high risk’.

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The test involves fasting from midnight the night before taking a blood test, which for me was at 9.30am (although I actually went in at 10.30am) then drinking a bottle of Lucozade quite quickly and waiting in the hospital for two hours before being tested once more to see how your body reacts to glucose. The whole thing is over by lunchtime, which for me meant a trip to Pret fairly quickly afterwards, and a loooong nap. The results come back super quickly, and my midwife called me the next day to tell me the results were all good and I’m actually very healthy indeed — banging iron levels to boot!


Gestational Diabetes

So if you have to have the test, don’t fret as it’s not so bad. And I think for the majority of people tend to test okay too (although don’t quote me on that!). With your first pregnancy in particular, everyone is a lot more cautious, so you do end up getting tested for a lot — and that’s no bad thing. You feel very well cared for! And, judging by my pregnancy journey thus far, where I have been monitored for the potential to have a premature baby (due to an abnormal smear several years ago where I had a biopsy), gestational diabetes (dodgy dad and nan!), ectopic pregnancy (at six weeks) and the ongoing fact I am high risk for post-natal depression (so have extra support from the psychiatric team if I require it).

It’s amazing when you think all this is courtesy of the NHS. Of course, I’ve paid my taxes — but I’m only 33, so I can’t imagine my meagre years of paying tax would ever cover the amount of support and quality service I’ve been privileged to receive in the past eight months. Party political broadcast over…..

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In your third trimester and struggling with all the TESTS?! I'll help you navigate how to travel, and tell you the truth about gestational diabetes.

Travelling in Your Third Trimester

The other thing that happened this week, was one helluva flight to South Africa! Equipped with some seriously sexy surgical stockings (to help prevent DVT) along with a unhealthy dose of insomnia due to the fear of contracting aforementioned DVT, I boarded a Virgin flight to South Africa — direct, approx 10 hours. It was truly SHITE and alongside the fact I was sorely unimpressed with Virgin (the food was some of the worst plane food I’ve ever eaten) I have concluded that traveling in your third trimester should be confined to short haul.

I’ve ruminated on this a little, and can’t decide whether I should write a travel guidance post for each stage of pregnancy given I’ve travelled throughout them all. I don’t know…..is that something you’d be interested in? Anyone?

It actually is bound to turn into a much larger internal debate for me, as my blog naturally transitions out of being a #bogstandardtravelblog into a…..what? A lifestyle blog? I don’t know. That’s not something I identify with. I don’t write about food, or do hotel reviews or home tours or shopping hauls…..but is that even what a lifestyle blog is? But am I a mummy blogger? No, not particularly given I don’t plan to solely write about parenting. I guess the truth is that I can’t be categorised! Jen, who is such an inspiration to me, once told me I’m my category. Writing about whatever I want to write about, in my own voice is a category in itself. It’s what I wrote about once when I pointed out this blog has no niche and I stand by it today. But still, it’s nice to have a little direction!

L x

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