Oh hello there third trimester, you’re so welcome to join me and the bump this week! Oh wait, actually you aren’t welcome at all. I preferred the second trimester and would like to stay there forever.

I can’t? WHY NOT?

Yes, so 28 weeks marks the start of the second trimester and in weird pregnancy maths terms, I’m now 7 months pregnant. Which doesn’t mean I have two months left, it means I have three. It is simple, I know, but my mind can’t work it out at all.

The Third Trimester

There can’t really be such a marked difference between two weeks really can there? Well, yes there really can. I started feeling a little more tired towards the end of my second trimester but I’m now properly shattered. I think it might just be a growth spurt (for the bump, not for me!) and I’m hoping it’ll settle down in the coming weeks before I become crazy tired again as I get closer to my due date, but still — I am TIRED.

Anyway, to combat this I am booking lots in my diary so I’m always busy and therefore even more tired. Good plan right? Actually, I am completely overbooked until mid March now – but I’m trying to see it as a huge positive as when the baby comes I ain’t moving for nobody. Visitors can come visit for short periods of time bringing edible gifts. That’s just a little formal warning for you all.

Anyway, the third trimester is progressing in much the same as the second with some tiredness thrown in. Aside from that, I still feel totally fine and mostly full of beans….unless I’m not, then I’ll be napping which is awesome. So all good basically ūüôā

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An Emotional Rollercoaster

One thing that has been a little strange, and perhaps different for many people is the fact pregnancy has made me more emotionally stable.¬†¬†As someone with mental health issues¬†I was really worried if I ever got pregnant I’d struggle with anxiety and depression even more than normal. Actually, I feel better! I can only imagine the pregnancy¬†hormones are balancing out my own.

But. And this is a big but (and I cannot lie….haha) I am well aware that when the hormones all go haywire again after I give birth, I could end up back where I started. Possibly feeling even worse than before.

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