I’m actually bulk writing these now so I’m less behind than before….you are still as far behind though, and as you read this I will be 26 weeks pregnant. This week has been spent getting ready for Christmas, and sprucing up the flat a little. OMG I LOVE CHRISTMAS SO MUCH.

Too much? Sorry.

We are off to Paris for a little trip before the end of the year, so we are also happily planning away for that. And the obvious bit of irritation about travelling to Paris while pregnant is having to avoid all the best things. Well sort of. I am constantly finding new things I’m not ‘supposed’ to be drinking, eating or doing but as you know, I am VERY cynical and, although I never thought I would be this confident┬áin pregnancy, I have been questioning everything. So, when someone confidently told me I couldn’t have honey — I questioned it. Thank fook it was drunken nonsense ­čśë

But the cheese thing still confuses me. If you are a regularly PD reader you’ll know one of the rules I’ve chosen to stick to is no naughty cheese. I say naughty as I can’t actually categorise the┬átype of cheese I can’t eat. If you go by the official guidelines, then it’s ‘no soft cheese’ which made me think — okay, so no physically soft cheese then. Sh@t. No mozzarella, no Philadelphia, no laughing cow, NO FETA.

But actually, it’s no soft, unpasteurised cheese. Ahhhhhh, so what’s that then? No brie, no camembert, no stilton. Okay, that’s sh#t but I can cope. Also, as Oli keeps pointing out I can eat cooked unpasteurised cheese. So baked camembert for the win then.

But wait…….what about goats cheese? That’s soft AND hard. Yeah, so I can’t eat hard goats cheese either as it’s made with unpasteurised milk. Is that the only hard cheese I can’t eat? A quick peruse of the dairy shelf in M&S told me something truly horrific. I cannot eat COMTE. Which is basically my favourite cheese in the world after St Agur (which I also can’t eat).

It’s enough to send me back to Veganism.

Until next week my petit chou fleurs,

L x

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