As you know, these diaries are behind real time and I’m actually 25 weeks pregnant as I write this. In month terms, that equates to six months…..eeeeeek. I cannot believe I’m closer to meeting this little bump than ever before. But flashback to a month ago and week 21.

I managed yet another trip abroad, this time to the charming town of Cortina in Italy. Because of my job I’m lucky enough to be invite to visit places for free, in exchange for media coverage: either on my blog or somewhere else I write for. Although this is obviously awesome, and I do sometimes get to see things I would never have been able to if I were just travelling.

But…..and this is just me being UBER honest. It’s actually pretty hard work. And sometimes, you don’t want to spend 21 hours of your day being directed around, told what to take pictures of by some stressed out PR. The good press trips though, they are EPIC (Inverness this year was a fab example of that). The less than perfect ones are……trying. I think that’s enough said there, and you can read between the lines.

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If you want to travel while you're pregnant, DO IT! I have done it stacks, here's my experience....

So being in Cortina, 21 weeks pregnant and working my ass off was harder than I expected but it was still pretty awesome. I ate well, was made special non alcoholic drinks so I didn’t feel left out and shown some of the most stunning snow topped scenery around. More on that next week. But I was definitely tired…….

The day after we came back, we had our 20 week scan (they couldn’t fit us in the week before) and we got to see our little bump wiggling, grabbing its foot (omg how cute!!!) and avoided catching sight of its baby bits. Not that I’d be able to tell to be honest…..if the sonographer didn’t patiently point everything out I wouldn’t work out the head from the legs. Honestly, it’s like that scene in Friends where Rachel pretends she can see the baby…..I do that too.

It’s always nice to hear a good strong heartbeat and make sure the baby is still in there. Especially at this stage, it can sometimes feel like you have made the whole thing up. Although my bump is progressing at a rate of knots and I can barely see my feet now. I am also, inexplicably, bigger than one of my best mates who is over a month ahead of me already! Although as my midwife told me, I’m not to worry about how big I get. As long as I am healthy (and they will tell me if I’m not!) then it doesn’t matter at all.

That’s pretty much it from this week. See you next Sunday!

L x

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