Oh hey you, welcome to my pregnancy diaries where I talk about my pregnancy week by week.

I should start by saying that my initial reaction when I thought about incorporating pregnancy and my impending motherhood into the blog was….well, trepidation? I just didn’t want to become a ‘mummy blogger’ and lose my identity as a human with other interests besides parenting.

But given my wholehearted belief that you don’t have to have a niche to be a successful blogger, I also felt pretty passionate that I could mix things up without surrendering to a niche genre. You can expect much of the same from me — oversharing, a bit of humour and lots of rambling. You won’t find product reviews very often, and you certainly won’t see monthly favourites, what I eat in a day or any kind of fitness plans.

As I write this I am 17 weeks pregnant, so there’s a little to catch up on. Hopefully I can remember what happened each week….if not, I’ll just make it up right?

Pregnancy Diaries - pregnant belly at 13 weeks

13 Weeks Pregnant

Annoyingly, I know speak in weeks. Sorry about that. But you’re probably far more clever than I and can work out what month the weeks relate to. If not, Google it.

13 weeks marks the time most women traditionally tell people they’re pregnant, because by this stage you’ve normally had THE scan, where you see your little alien in full black and white glory. And you are officially over the ‘danger zone’ of the first 12 weeks when miscarriage is more common than the rest of pregnancy.

I wasn’t overly precious about telling people for a few reasons. I had to tell my boss pretty early on because I had a bit of a faff in early pregnancy (more on that later). And I found that many, many people questioned why I wasn’t drinking — to an annoying level — so it sometimes felt easier to just tell the truth. But still, most people didn’t know, so telling everyone was pretty awesome and I could finally breathe out!

Early Pregnancy: Before 12 Weeks

I had no indication I was pregnant until I missed a period, but thinking about it — the signs were there. I felt sick, really sick….and was so tired I would have to take a nap as soon as I got in from work (I was still shifting at the Express at this point.)

As soon as I took the pregnancy test and the reality started to sink in (it took another 6 weeks to properly sink in!), I started to feel really pregnant. Although I still wasn’t showing, I felt horrific every morning (hideous when you start work at 7am) and was so tired I could have slept all day.

I also started to have pretty heinous cramps. One day it was so bad I fainted, so I nipped to the GP who sent me to hospital. They were a little worried about ectopic pregnancy (where the baby grows outside of your womb — a fatal condition for the baby and potentially the mum too) so I had a scan. At that stage I was told there was no heartbeat, and told to come back in one week to check the progress. There was also some grossness about a yolk sac. GRIM. After this, I was SO worried because someone telling you there’s no heartbeat sounds bad, right? Well, there wasn’t necessarily supposed to be an obvious  heartbeat because, well — I WAS ONLY 6 WEEKS PREGNANT.

Anyway, all was well and things continued as normal. But because of this, I’d already had about 4 scans before my actual, big, proper scan so that’s also probably why I wasn’t so stressed about telling people about the pregnancy before 12 weeks.

Oh Hello Second Trimester

So here I am in my second trimester, where — if you are lucky like me — all the crappy symptoms go away and you start to feel human again.

As someone with a history of depression and anxiety, I am high risk for post natal depression — so have stacks of extra support from the NHS but if I’m honest, I have NEVER felt better. I wanted to be honest about what pregnancy has been like for me and I thought the best way to do it would simply be to list out the pros and cons each week.

Awesome Stuff

  1. No longer giving a sh@t about my weight: I still care a little and certainly don’t want to gain excess, unhealthy weight but I’ve found myself feeling a bit more grateful for my body and how bloody amazing it is.
  2. A creative surge: I don’t know what it is, but this week I started to feel uber positive and had a total creative overload. Funnily enough, a friend told me that I should also expect another amazing creative surge after I give birth….so I’m looking forward to that too.
  3. Being able to plan: Getting excited about the baby after knowing about it for 6 weeks is TOO EXCITING. This week I bought two books, one about childbirth and one about the bit afterwards. Watch this space, I’ll chat about them soon.

Annoying Stuff

  1. People reminding you that ‘miscarriage is VERY common’: This is one of the things I found the least helpful, and most annoying. If I’m going to have a miscarriage, it’s not hugely comforting to know I’m in a group of many.
  2. Dressing: Not quite big enough for maternity clothes, but a little too small for my normal clothes….it’s #lycra and tunic tops all the way for now.

Have an awesome Sunday.

L x

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