Meeting people online is weird to ‘normal’ people I think. But for us bloggers? We are so used to being online all day. errr’y day finding a tribe out there and making connections on social media is completely normal. And I’ve honestly never met one of my online crushes IRL and been disappointed.

Same goes for Beverley who, to be honest, I still haven’t met IRL. But I did the next best thing which was to have a natter on Skype. I’m hoping the audio quality of these episodes is getting better each week as I learn. But being a mum of a chirpy little newborn it’s never gonna be free from her gargles, hiccups and occasionally sneezes. There’s a wee warning for you.

Now, onto this weeks episode!


podcast episode 9 - beverley reinemann: brunette looking out of window in cafe

Ahhhh I love Beverley! Fun fact, we haven’t met in real life yet but I clicked with her immediately. She is so warm and friendly and full of wisdom she doesn’t even realise she has! Beverley runs the blog Pack Your Passport as well as a successful freelance career in social media management, copywriting, and PR consulting.

We had such a fun chat about how the blogging landscape has changed over the years, delve into the dark art that is SEO, and Beverley drops some Instagram Stories truth bombs! I also admit to some of the blogging things I didn’t know and we have a good laugh at the stupid Google Spider (is that its name?!)

If you want to up your SEO or Instagram stories game, this is the episode for you.


L x

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