Blissing Out in Otres, Sihanoukville.

Blissing Out in Otres, Sihanoukville.

If you’ve read my post on the lows of travelling, you’ll know that sometimes you just need a break from the constant merry go round of backpacking. So we did just that for a week down in Sihanoukville. We stayed at the beautiful Otres beach for almost a week, which was bliss. Read Oli’s post about why Otres was our favourite beach here.

We didn’t actually do an awful lot, but that suited us down to a Lipton tea bag as we were knackered and very ready for some beach time. This is what we did do…….

1) Watched a lot of beautiful sunsets.

Sunsets on Otres beach, Sihanoukville





Otres is the most stunning beach, and totally rivals some Thai beaches in my opinion. It was touristy, for sure, but we visited a few other beaches in Sihanoukville and it was definitely our favourite. A word to the wise, don’t visit Victory beach. It’s nice, if you like your beaches filled with sewage and/or Russians.

2) Ate this yummy pizza croissant for breakfast

Breakfast at Mushroom Point, Otres, Sihanoukville


Oli mentioned how expensive we found Otres, so when we found something we a) liked and b) could afford, we ate it a lot. Case in point, this strange stuffed croissant made out of pizza dough. It was $2.50 and you could have it stuffed with cheese and bacon, or Nutella and banana……best of all, all Mushroom Point breakfasts included a fruit bowl, and fruit juice. Bargain.

3) Enjoyed a private screening of Captain Phillips with air con

Top Cat cinema, Serendipity beach, Sihanoukville


We are becoming pretty obsessed with our cinemas, and you may have noticed that we try to visit any that are a bit kooky, like The Flicks in Phnom Penh. Top Cat is simply amazing.

4) I got over my fear of the deep blue sea, and jumped off a boat!

Snorkelling on Koh Ta Kiev, Sihanoukville



5) Drank stuff other than beer

Bloody Mary, cider and a tequila sunrise, Otres beach, Sihanoukville.


It’s a bit of a shameful confession that I don’t like beer. This makes me somewhat of a pariah in backpacker terms as it’s part of the official traveller terms that you must drink the local beer as soon as you get your passport stamped. Well, I hate it. On Otres, happy hours abound, and they even included non beer drinks. Everythang bar on Otres 1 was our fave, who excelled themselves by offering discounted Bloody Mary’s on Sunday (Sunday, Bloody Sunday) and wine on Wednesday.

So that’s what we did. And why we reeealllly want to go back! Go now, before the developers take over and ruin it.

L x

NB: We stayed at the fantastic Jungle beach bungalows (formerly Sunlord Seagarden) on Otres 1 in a beautiful, private bungalow on the beach, for €14 a night. We totally recommend it, not least for George the gecko who kept us mozzie free.

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