Visiting Mysore & Hot Footing it to Hampi, India

Visiting Mysore & Hot Footing it to Hampi, India

Backwaters done, our next stop was Mysore. According to the Lonely Planet ‘you haven’t seen South India until you’ve seen Mysore’…. I don’t really get it, but we’re going anyway as its a good way to break up the trip to Hampi. Plus there’s a palace, a zoo, and some temples on a hill.

We got an overnight tourist bus from Alleppey at about 11.30 pm (it was supposed to be there at 10). The seats were ridiculously comfy, the AC was blasting and there was a great Bollywood film playing (I mean, I didn’t watch it but it looked great)…..then it started moving and I remembered that I get motion sickness. Eek. I fell asleep pretty quickly, but about 2 hours bore we got to Mysore (about 9 hours in) I threw up in a plastic bag. Gross!!!!

Anyway, we disembarked and got to our hotel (Hotel Dasaprakash, right in the centre of town), checked in and had a shower then chugged off to find breakfast. Mysore is a pretty busy town, but it’s also really chilled out. You get the usual hassle, but it’s a nice place to hang out for a few days and do some sightseeing. It also has some cool places to eat such as the Shanti rooftop cafe, which looks like a total dive from the outside – but is a little oasis, and you get a great view at night.

Mysore is also a great place to buy silk…..we bought a scarf and got a skirt made (for me, not Oli) for less than £40. The only thing I would say, is give yourself enough time to have some adjustments made if you need…..I had them working really fast to change things before we had to get our train which was less than ideal!

Overall Mysore was fun, and the sights were good (the palace is fantastic and cheap too), but there are a couple of things you should note:

1) Wi Fi is hard to find….go to the Park Lane Hotel, they do it for 6 hrs – 50 rupees. The roof top restaurant is cute too.
2) go to Chamundi Hill to see the great view of Mysore, but get off a stop before the station (Nandi cross) or just walk down the hill a bit…..otherwise, like us, you might miss it!

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