Another week, another post falling a day late! Woops. SORRY! But at least it’s only a day late, unlike my October newsletter which is almost two weeks late…..gah, will I ever learn?

In all seriousness, I’ve been trying to care a lot less about the little pressures. The ones we tend to put on ourselves. I talk about blogging, and my feelings around it quite a bit. And about my career in general, which is a little different to most peoples. But sometimes I think I neglect to tell it like it is and I don’t like to be that person. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I don’t sugar coat or lie in my posts or across social media — even on Instagram, which is truly a place of aesthetic purity. But I just occasionally omit certain truths.

One of those truths is that blogging doesn’t pay my bills. Well, it pays some of them — but it’s not my full time job. And that’s totally okay — I have never professed to be a full time travel blogger and I don’t want to be either. Don’t get me wrong, some of my favourite people in the world are travel bloggers and it’s an AWESOME way to make a living — I’ve just never wanted to be that person. I love my little space on the internet to ramble, create content, and explore some of my passions but I don’t want to rely on it to make me money.

Because I love freelance writing, I love coming up with story ideas and matching them with a magazine or newspaper and pitching them. I LOVE the thrill of getting a commission and seeing my name in metaphorical lights. And I’m pretty good at it too. What’s even better, is that on Fridays and Monday mornings my time is spent solely on this blog. Thinking of post ideas, creating content and sifting through analytics to see what worked and what didn’t is my happy time. It doesn’t feel like work, it feels like fun.

So, I guess what I’m trying to say is that if a post is late, if I don’t post at all or if I post three times a day — it doesn’t matter, because this is my hobby. Kind of. I do get paid for it and I need to be mindful of that fact….especially when I work with brands, because clearly I need to be professional.

But what I mean, is that it’s not my sole source of income and, for that, I am truly grateful.


My week involved total madness at World Travel Market, networking with brands and tourist boards and catching up with old blogging mates. I also managed an incredible typo on my Paris post…..’Pairs’ anyone?!

Instagram Gallery - beautiful images of travel


I’ve just discovered Ellie recently, and I’m now pretty obsessed with her wanderlust-worthy Instagram feed. It’s packed full of gorgeous landscapes and thoughtful captions.



Vicky is an AWESOME blogger, but she hates dogs. That’s basically her only downside 😉 If you love adventure, and far-flung festivals — this is the gallery for you.



Another new-ish discovery, Helen has a super cool travel blog and has some of the best posts about Africa I’ve ever found. I love her feed, which is varied and kind of epic!



Okay, so Rachel is revoltingly pretty and looks amazing in everything she wears…..but jealousy aside, she has one of the best travel Instagram feeds out there. Her recent trip to Chefchaouen in Morocco yielded this bunch of blue stunners that have been filling my heart with joy daily.


Have a gorgeous Instagram-worthy week!

L x

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