I am SO excited to be heading to Jordan on Saturday, and enjoying some long overdue, long-haul time in my safe space — a plane. Or an airplane, or aeroplane…..you know the one right? The big metal bird? I can’t keep peddling the line that ‘I travel a lot’ anymore, because I don’t. I travel a little bit.

Thrice this year, that’s all, and it’s May.

Anyway, when I do travel, I got my carry-on essentials DOWN, yo! I don’t take too much, and I never need anything….I have a few little luxuries, but given that I basically fall asleep straight away there’s really no need for a serious face mask situation a la Lisa Eldridge (who I LOVE btw).

My Carry On (In Flight) Travel Essentials

Eye Mask

My Carry On (In Flight) Travel Essentials

In my Carry On

In no particular order, this is what I take in my satchel (similar one here):

  • Sony White Noise Cancelling Headphones
  • iPad battered by years of abuse….
  • Muji Notepad (& pen)
  • Aquaphor lipbalm (a great 8 Hr Cream dupe!)
  • Mitchum deodorant
  • Nuxe Creme Fraiche Mask
  • Laura Bates: Girl Up
  • Magazine (Yep, I read Women’s Health….and do precious little about my woman’s health……)
  • Water, Passport and iPhone plus portable Anker charger

A little tip, there’s a great printable over here which is more than I need, but a pretty good gauge on what to take with you.

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Travel Packing - woman with comfy jumper at airport

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