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My Favourite Podcasts | https://lucylucraft.com



Midweek therapy….ahhh, how soothing those two little words sound. How do you unwind on your morning commute, mid morning slump or stressful Monday morning? I used to listen to music, all the time. And consume disgusting amounts of sugar, drink tea by the gallon and generally feel grumpy through bouts of stress. For the record, I still eat feck loads of sugar and drink feck loads of tea….but now, I also listen to podcasts.

I hadn’t listened to a podcast for yonkers, not since the days of Chris Moyles and Russell Brand on the radio. Those were the only podcasts I listened to, and even then I didn’t really get it. But since going travelling, and discovering that music isn’t the only way to enjoy some inner ear activity on a twelve hour bus when doing anything aside from sitting still and listening stops you from projectile vomiting, the podcast has once again re-entered my psyche.

These are some of my favourite podcasts at the moment. I am so keen to hear some of your suggestions though.

This American Life


I only got into This American Life after listening to Serial, as both are made by WBENZ Chicago (Chicago Public Radio) and TAL. Each episode has a different theme, with a couple of ‘acts’ and it is just one of the dreamiest things to listen to. Themes cover all sorts of stuff, from the ‘normal’ to the abstract but one of my recent faves was ‘Middle School’ where Ira Glass and his team explored the hell that is the American middle school (from 11yrs to 14 I think?). At approximately 1hr long, it’s a decent length to get your teeth into (important) and will leave you gagging for more.



If you have never heard of Serial you are MISSING OUT. Sarah Koenig (from This American Life) tells the story of high school student Adnan Syed convicted in 2000 of murdering his ex-girlfriend Hai Min Lee. Week by week, Sarah and her team explore various aspects of the case and talk to Adnan (in prison). Sarah is really charismatic, and the stories compelling so I promise you that you’ll be as hooked as everyone else in the World! The second season has been criticised a bit for lower ratings, however I actually liked it as much, if not more than the first. It covers the fascinating story of Bowe Bergdahl, a US soldier who was held hostage by the Talibanfor five years after deserting his post in Afganisthan. It covers a really interesting period in time and you’ll learn a lot. A LOT. Although it is a harder listen than the first season, purely due to the more complicated nature of the topic (Sarah unpacks a lot of army jargon in S2!) but I still thinkm it’s really ‘listenable’….is that a word?

Ctrl Alt Delete


I’d never heard of Emma Gannon until I listened to this brand new podcast, but I am now a little obsessed with the girl behind the Girl Lost in City blog. This podcast is a bit of a publicity tool for her new book of the same name, due out in July (Ctrl Alt Delete: How I Grew Up Online). Each week Emma talks to someone awesome, and explores social media, feminism and everything inbetween in approx 40 minutes. It’s really easy listening, and Emma is super personable so the chat gets deep without you even realising it. My favourite episode is the latest one with Dawn O Porter, who I used to think I disliked, but in actually fact LOVE. I love her. Her off the cuff speech to Emma at the end will sort of make you want to cry……or maybe that’s just me.

Bonnie & Maude


Wring about this pocast makes me weepy, because it had already ended by the time I discovered it. In 38 AWESOME episodes, Bonnie and Maude (not their real names!) explore various films from a fem-centric perspective, sometimes with special guests. From The Craft to In The Cut, they unpack themes and explore the good and bag in various films. My favourite thing about it is what they pick — I’ve always been a huge film fan, and have never had any friends who were too, so there are a section of films that I have never been able to talk about. So, it’s been real Kseniya and Eleanor (their real names!), miss you mo.

Desert Island Discs


This is a classic, so I presume it needs no introduction. Kirsty talks to a different person each week, from Russell Brand to the late Dame Zaha Hadid, and walkd through eight songs that represent their life resulting in them picking one song, one luxury and one book to be packed off to a desert island with. It’s really interesting and kinda like therapy. Kirsty’s soothing Scottish tones are also dreamy, a word I use far too often apparently….

Ladies Who Lunch


Do you know Ingrid Nilson? She’s an American YouTuber, who I discovered through Estee Lalonde (Canadian Blogger/Vlogger living in London ). She gets together with her friend and fellow YouTuber Cat to talk all things feminism. They are funny and interesting and it’s kind of like sitting down with your mates each week. I genuinely didn’t expect to like this at all, because I don’t love Ingrid’s YouTube channel….but I love it. Absolutely love it.

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