A Guide to Melaka, Malaysia

A Guide to Melaka, Malaysia

Melaka was basically the last place Lucy and I visited on our travels, and because we were so excited to get back and see all our family and friends, we kind of forgot to give it the time of day here.

Melaka Square

Melaka is a lovely little town with a beautiful historic town centre. It has a very similar feel to it as our beloved Battambang in Cambodia – lots of lovely little coffee shops, and an abundance of “curio shops”. Apparently a curio shop means antique shop, for those who haven’t the foggiest what a curio is.

Melaka River

Melaka, is rather unfortunately situated so that is in within an easy day-trip of both Kuala Lumpur and Singapore . This means that bus-loads of tourists arrive at the weekend, and crowd out all but the most dedicated people. Still, there are loadsof places to escape this crowd, so here you go;

There is a cracking Chinese style Bun Shop on Jalan Tukang Besi which serve up some great breakfast treats. The buns are generally savoury, but they have a couple of sweet options. All washed down with shed loads of green tea.

Coffee Shops along Jalan Tukang Besi. These guys serve up some nice coffee, and none of it is anything like the weird stuff we found on some of our travels. It’s proper coffee, and it’s roasted nicely. Also, look at some of the amazing breakfasts you can get elsewhere if you don’t fancy some Chinese buns.

Melaka Breakfst

There is an amazing restaurant along the Western bank of the river (the Old Town side) called Riverine. They do some great food, but the best was a dish of fries, covered in anchovies, garlic and chilli. Sounds kind of weird. Tastes absolutely delicious!! Trust me! Also, we were basically the only ones sat along the river, so nice and quiet. Here’s the view in the late afternoon…

Melaka at Sunset

When you feel like you’ve got over the crazy number of selfie sticks on show, head over to the brilliant night market on Jonkers Walk for all kinds of weirdness. Food, Malaysian hipster grannies (genuinely), shopping, and karaoke all combine to make the walk up and down quite unusual, and very fun!

Radish Man - Melaka

This guy was making some delicious radish cakes! Sounds weird but worth a try for sure!!

Finally, before you make your way to either KL or Singapore (as almost everyone does), have a little butchers at these guys! All the Tuk Tuks are decked out like they’ve come straight out of Pimp My Ride. They travel around the old town blaring crazy loud music until about 1am as well. Word of warning – don’t actually get one as they cost about $10 an hour!! And the old town is tiny, so easily walkable!!

Crazy Tuk Tuks, Melaka



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