May & June Roundup – 17 Months of Travel

May & June Roundup – 17 Months of Travel

Since I now live in Koh Tao and have been doing very little in the way of travelling, these posts may become a touch…dry, to say the least. But I think it’s still nice to write them every month (when I remember) so that I can recap a bit for myself, and to neatly roundup the ‘best of’ nits, so to speak.


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What I Did

Well, since May I’ve been working hard for Roctopus, and now also for Travel Dudes – a fantastic Travel community blog which so far, is going really well. I’m loving being back in Travel and it’s definitely helped to kick start my own travel writing again.

I also managed to get another tattoo, my first bamboo tattoo in the unholy placement of my ribs…..sweet jesus it hurt.

What I spent

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m not one of those bloggers that will be telling you every last penny I earn & spend but I will say that my average was at an all time high! The cheeky offenders were food & alcohol, moving into a more expensive place and buying 2 scooters! I also had some costs associated with my website.

Going forward, I know I’ll be spending significantly less as I’ll rent my scooter out, have stopped drinking and won’t need to spend any more on my website for a bit.

What I earned

In a word, not much. But that’s all about to change and I now have the time to freelance more so will be earning a nice European wage which will be more than enough to live on in Thailand.

Happily though, I have had a pay rise and have scored pretty lucrative work for the future so will be back on track with bringing home the bacon!


  • Enjoying pool time with Jennie, my fave Swede:) Missing my friends a lot was quelled by having Jennie & Sanne around to fill the void. True Gal Pals 😉

  • Getting Ruth all to ourselves for 10 days. We didn’t spend nearly enough time together but the snippets we grabbed were filled with LOLs that made my cheeks hirt.

  • Finally seeing results from 18 months of slogging away at the blog. Finding work elsewhere, but essentially due to the blog has brought me back to life, work wise, and given me the confidence boost I desperately needed.

  • Exploring Koh Tao a lot more….top of my list, was the awesome day we spent at Jamahkiri resort but not too shabby was the numerous visits to the Animal Clinic and spying on the oh-so cute baby turtles.

  • All the massages….Spa Aurori, you truly have my heart! Oli and I became somewhat addicted to our weekly spa sesh & I am already planning 5 hours minimum for my birthday next month.

  • Our lovely cats: Tetley and Lola are little dream boats. We fostered them back in April (along with 4 other kittens!) and decided we couldn’t part with these two. They really are the most cherub cats and we wouldn’t be without them now.


  • With all the excessive eating and drinking….and severe lack of exercise, I have put on weight. I still fit into my clothes so it’s no drama but with a wedding looming, it’s not the direction I was hoping to take!

  • Not exercising at all!  July is looking better already though, with a Muay Thai session booked in and a few sweaty runs leaving me feeling a lot more motivated.

– Burnout. I hit a bit of a wall with work, island fever and general tiredness this month which luckily for me, was very well accepted by my bosses who went out of their way to support me. If you’re reading, you know who you are!


Posts were at an all time low as writers block hit and I just couldn’t face being on my computer for another second. Luckily I have now got my mojo back and will be posting regularly going forward.

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