Why I’m Loving Blue Nail Varnish

Why I’m Loving Blue Nail Varnish

Everytime I get my nail polishes out for a cheeky manicure, I gravitate towards various hues within the umbrella of blue.

I am pretty safe when it comes to my makeup, and when it comes to my clothes, I pretty much have a uniform pallette of white, grey and black with some stripes thrown in for good measure. But my nails? That is my safe place to experiment with all the colours of the rainbow. Pink? Yes please. Glitter? Get on my nails now. And blue? Swoon.

Beautiful Blue Nail polish, manicure

Beautiful Blue Nails

I am a huge fan of the chalky pastel tones Essie do so very well, but I have recently branched out into the most dazzling electric blue shade from Ciate (a brand I adore). A little side step into the lavender and out pops a dreamy shade from Rimmel, one that has been adorning my talons pretty much consistently for a good few weeks now.

From left to right: Primark Nail Polish (£1!!), Barry M nail polish in Blue Moon, Ciate Paint Pot in’Skinny Jeans’, Rimmel I love lasting finish in ‘Fancy a Dip’ and Models Own Pro Nail Polish in ‘Midnight Blue’.

The Blue Nail Polish Collection, Manicure, Beauty

The Blue Nail Polish Collection. Rimmel, Ciate, Models Own, Primark and Barry M

If you aren’t into blue yet? Get involved, it will totally brighten your day.

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Lucy Lucraft
Lucy Lucraft

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