I’ll tell you a secret – I never wanted to be a ‘mummy blogger’. I never wanted to be seen to be cashing in on my baby, creating a career around her birth, posting pictures of Anaïs wearing whatever freebie I’d been sent to keep the PR happy. I had visions of mummy blogger websites filled with inane reviews of nappies and breast pumps.

Then I started connecting with new Instagram accounts ones that I quickly fell in love with. I soaked up the advice, humour and podcasting of people like the Scummy Mummies, Mother of Daughters, Mother Pukka…..you know the types.

Pretty soon I realised that far from not wanting to be associated with them I was actually desperate to be in their gang. And honestly, I loved pregnancy so much I wanted to talk about it. I felt passionate about the topic and words flowed from me in a way they hadn’t for ages. So I embraced it all and covered it in my Pregnancy Diaries series, which seemed to go down well with my existing followers, bringing me a whole new set too.

smiling brunette with newborn in a sling

So when it came time to write the final post, and think about new content ideas I felt a little bereft. What the hell am I gonna write about now? The thing I often forget to do when I’m struggling with writer’s block is the most obvious: what do people want to read? It’s so obvious! But I never think to ask you guys what you actually want to read because…..well, I never think there’s anyone out there!

It’s so easy to think, as a blogger, that nobody’s reading. Not in a ‘woe is me’ kind of way, simply in the way the internet feels so anonymous you know? It doesn’t matter how many monthly views Google Analytics says you’re getting, or how many email subscribers you know you have — it never feels as though there’s a real human sat reading any post I write. Is that odd? Maybe. Almost certainly. But for me, it’s the only way I can write as honestly as I do. I’d be second guessing my every word if I believed there were even five real people sat reading my posts. I’d also cringe at every typo….which, at the moment, I kinda don’t care about too much (I know, I know….unprofessional).

newborn baby with feminist sleeper suit

So here’s to asking what people want and delivering it. Introducing The Mama Diaries: my weekly slot to talk about all things motherhood. I have a few topics I know I’ll be covering (thanks to my beautiful Insta-community) but if you have a topic in mind you’d like me to cover, drop me an emailtweet me or comment on this post.

L x

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