I never thought I’d see the day when I got so excited about a buggy. Or a pram. Or pushchair? Which one actually is it, by the way? I still don’t really understand the semantics of the varying terminology associated with what is simply a way to move your baby around.

I didn’t look at a single travel system before Britax contacted me to work with them on their amazing Life is a Journey campaign, where they try to empower parents to get out of the house quicker because there’s no reason for your travel system to be holding you back from getting out and about.

If you’re reading this I’m imagining you are well aware of what a travel system is. If not, it’s what the cool kids (read: parents) are roadtesting, comparing, contrasting and all round coveting. A travel system is a fancy way of describing the combination of pram (newborn bassinet), pushchair (for six months+) and car seat plus the all-important base to which the whole lot sits.

Does that make sense? Nope. Okay…..just watch the video then.

Britax Affinity 2 Travel System

from £535 / bit.ly/2eN5OuM

The Travel System

My main requirements when choosing a travel system was to make sure it was easy peasy to put up and down. I live in a first floor flat, so I was pretty focused on the fact I didn’t want to buy a new house to fit my buggy……you laugh, but I’ve heard of people buying new cars for this purpose!

Although I wasn’t particularly worried about aesthetics (I’m definitely more of a substance over style girl when it comes to buggies), I didn’t want something huge and ugly. The Affinity 2 was perfect for me because you can 100% customise the chassis colour and base too. I went for black (shock!) but you can have the most beautiful combinations.

Another thing I was pretty obsessed with (as most new parents are!) was safety. I wanted to buy something brand new, from a brand with a great safety record. Britax ticks all of those boxes as one of the market leaders in safety — their Römer brand is a force majeure of German engineering technology, making car seats safer than they’ve ever been.

With the Affinity 2 travel system you start with the hard carry cot bassinet suitable for newborns right up to around six months old, the pushchair seat Anaïs is currently luxuriating in (for six months+) as well as being able to fit a Britax car seat (we have the Baby Safe I-Size) into the chassis.

I’m going to give you the pros and cons of the whole set.

Britax buggy review travel system - buggy in park


The look and feel of the Affinity 2 is stylish and simple (just like me….haha) which I love. There’s nothing worse than the buggy wars of west London and I love the fact my pushchair is understated while being aesthetically pleasing.

I love how easy it is to put together. You can pull the chassis up from the ground with one hand (eventually – you do need a wee bit of practice!) and the carrycot/pushchair slots into the base really easily. There are no fiddly straps and buttons, but once your bean is safely inside the straps are secure (and really easy to do up).

Obviously, when your baby is small they’ll be able to sleep easily in the carrycot as it’s basically a moving bed (why can’t I have one of these?!) but now Anaïs is in the pushchair, there are three seat positions, including a fully reclining one for when she nods off mid-journey. Again, it’s easy to use this function – just one lever.


Although the whole setup is nice and compact, I have seen smaller. But I almost think that it’s silly to put this as a con because it’s about me (and all you other mama’s!) being frightened to take up space in the world rather than the need to fit into places. Strike this from the record! 

How did you choose your travel system? 

L x

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