You know what makes the difference between good makeup and great makeup? Makeup Brushes.

It’s all about that base, ’bout that base…..

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Flawless Face Makeup Brushes

I haven’t got nearly as many as some beauty buffs, but I I do have a fair old amount and sometimes it may seem (to Oli!) as though I have 10 brushes when I could have one however the subtle differences mean that what looks like two blush brushes, is actualluy two very different tools for two different jobs. Listen up.

If you want your skin to look flawless, your gonna need at least a foundation brush. I have various different tools for this and which one I use depends on the product. Mineral powder foundations need a big fat brush, which you can buff into your skin to blend whereas most liquid foundations can be applied with either a flat foundation/Stipling brush or Blending sponge. The exception to this is thicker, more buttery foundations such as Mac Studio Sculpt which I always apply with my fingers, and then buff in with my blending sponge (£1 from Primark!) or small Real Techniques brush.

I always apply concealer to blemishes with a small concealer brush but I use my fingers to apply it under my eyes, and blend in with a small brush.

Lastly, if I’m using powder I’ll apply with my Real Techniques Expert Face Brush. I also pretty much always take this out with me to de-shine my forehead….which is a frequent occurence.

Contour, Blush, Highlight, oh my!

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Blush, Contour, Highlight

If you’ve read my post on Contouring For Dummies you’ll know how easy it is to do. All you need is a small-ish angled brush like this Real Techniques one for your shading and blush, and a smaller fatter brush to highlight.

The Details

Makeup Brushes, the details, Beauty

The Devils in the Detail

In truth, I normally stop here after filing in my brows and setting them (I use Models Co More Brows and comb excess product through with my Spoolie) but if I’m having an eyeshadow day, I’ll use my MAC 239 Eye Shader Brush to pack on some punchy eye shadow on my eyelid, and shade a touch underneath my eye using MAC 266 Small Angle Brush. I curly my lashes with Shu Uemura Eyelash Curlers before applying mascara and if I’m wearin lipstick, I usually apply straight from the bullet — I rarely use a lip brush for this tbh.

And that my friends, is that.

Do you use Makeup brushes? What are your faves?


The Products


Real Techniques Expert Face Brush

Real Techniques Concealer Brush

Real Techniques Foundation Brush

Bare Minerals Brush (as part of set)

MAC 187 Stipling Brush

MAC 190 Foundation Brush

Contour, Blush, Highlight

Real Techniques Blusher Brush

MAC 129 Powder/Blush Brush

Lips, Eyes

MAC 316 Lip Brush

MAC 266 Small Angle Brush

MAC 239 Eye Shader Brush

MAC 275 Medium Angle Shader Brush

MAC 204 Lash Brush (Spoolie)

Bellapierre Eye Shadow Brush