My On the Go Daytime Make Up Essentials

My On the Go Daytime Make Up Essentials

APOLOGIES for those of you who tried to look at this on Tuesday…call it a ‘technical’ issue:)

I know not everyone puts a full face of make up on daily, and there are even people who on’t want to top it up throughout te day. However I am not one of thos people, and if you share my ‘hourly top up’ disease, you might just be interested to know what I carry with my in my handbag.

Makeup Bag Essentials

Makeup Bag Essentials

I don’t know what it is about being able to take a sneaky peek inside someone’s make up bag, but it is one of my favourite pasttimes. I think it probably hails back to the days when I would admire my mum’s dressing table and long for the days I would have one too. Still waiting for that one…..

Anyway, I thought I would share a few of the things I like to take with me to work/lunch or play during the daytime. Disclaimer – this little make up bag from Birchbox is very small, as my satchel from Asos is not a huge bag. Width wise, it’s big enough for an iPad however it’s not massively deep, and my wallet is pretty big (sadly, not with cash) so this little cutie is perfect.

A mini sample of foundation. This one came from Dior when I picked up a sample of their Skin Star foundation, but you can just decant anything into it after you have used your sample up. Just don’t keep it too long, as I think it might be kind of gross.

A Travelo with my fave fragrance of the moment, which is currently Tom Ford Black Orchid. This little thing is so useful and it’s a steal too (£10.80 from Feel Unique).

At the moment I am absolutely loving this Chanel Joues Contraste blush in Pink Explosion. I don’t normaly wear this, but you knw what — sometimes it’s really nice to pull out a gorgeous Chanel compact with it’s unmistakeable Camellia scent. Obviously, I never use the brush that comes with (if you do, please stop). I use my lovely Real Techniques contouring brush, although I really should be learning how to actually contouring with it instead…..

Naturally, I am rarely without my Eight Hour Cream, however I do not have room for both a lipbalm and lip colour (I know you all have the exact same #firstworldproblems). Instead I am using the very dreamy Dior Lip Glow. It’s one of those clever, PH situations whereby it reacts with your lips (relax, you don’t feel anything) to bring out your own tones. So, for example, I have quite pink lips and this balm kind of makes them pinker, but in a nice way you know?

Et Voila, not too much at all. What are your handbag essentials?

L x

Lucy Lucraft
Lucy Lucraft

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