How to Make Travelling with Kids Less Stressful

If you follow me on Instagram you might recall that I recently shared how much I hate travelling with Anaïs. EEEEEK. So, along with ‘mummy blogger’ you can add ‘family traveller’ to the list of things I probably won’t be known as…..

But I’m a travel writer FFS! So travel as a family I must. Sometimes. All joking aside, I genuinely want to travel with Anaïs. I want to! So, I had a good think about how to do it without losing my head and realised it’s not just me (I know, unsurprising fact alert) that finds it tough travelling with a child

It can be SUCH a stressful activity, no matter how much you plan and prepare.

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Some parents dread the idea of taking the kids out because it disrupts their routine (which is why, as you know, I’m a zero routine gal), but I know that others need it. And being at the mercy of travel can make you feel vulnerable, especially when other people pass comment on your parenting skills. This is not particularly nice for anyone, but it’s even worse when you have a screaming baby on your hands (and we all see those people who tut at when a baby cries on a plane or a bus, don’t we?)

So, how can you survive journeys with children in tow? Even if you are a total family travel fanatic, you’ll want these tips.

Supplies, Supplies, And More Supplies!

If you want to get your child from point A to point B with the least amount of stress, for them and for you, entertainment is the key. Whether you have a baby or a teenager, the fundamentals are pretty much the same, keep them entertained, and it stops them getting bored. This means that you need to find the best types of suitcases and pushchairs that hold a lot of items. The Britax travel system pushchair is pretty spacious when you are travelling with a baby, and you can check out the latest and improved 2017 Britax travel system at this link, but, as far as the ratio of essentials to entertainment is concerned, I reckon it should be roughly 2 to 1. It all depends on the length of the journey itself, and for the most part, something like an iPad is a godsend because it’s so small and compact, and it can entertain young babies and teenagers alike!

Food, The Secret Ingredient!

If you have the best of intentions and pack healthy foods, this may backfire on you. The best thing for you to do is admit defeat and pack junk food. Not only does the sugar give your children the energy to keep going, especially on a long-haul flight or journey, but it’s something that will actually keep them happy in the short term. This is the goal to surviving a journey with children. Because you are being bombarded with stress at every angle, whether it is from other people expressing their annoyance at the noise of your child, or you panicking about if you have all the relevant documents, placating your child with food and entertainment are the key things.

Keeping Yourself Mentally Prepared

Reducing your stress is the most important thing. And the one main thing to think about is to tackle one task at a time. If you are going on a long-haul flight, and you are thinking about how hellish those 12 hours will be, it’s not going to put you in the right frame of mind at all. Instead, don’t think too far ahead, and consider each little task instead. This will better prepare you mentally. And, don’t forget to breathe!

Yes, travelling with children is one of the most stressful things, but with the combination of keeping your children entertained, well fed, as well as finding ways for you to calm down, it will make for a positive journey all around.

It will won’t it?! Let me know your top tips in the comments section 🙂 

L x

* This is a collaborative post *


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