Exciting News! New Lush Suncare

Exciting News! New Lush Suncare

Now you all know I loves me some Lush! I LOVE LUSH and I don’t care……I can hear you haters by the way, urgh it smells……it’s too weird…..solid shampoo?!

It’s amazing. Amazing for a beauty junkie, and even more so for someone who lives out of a backpack 80% of the year (both of these are me by the way) and don’t even get me started on their kick ass Ethical goodness,

There’s too much to love about Lush, and I could count the ways but I won’t. I just want to share that they are now making SUNCARE!

I am so sorry for the drama in this post, some of you may be offended by it.

I haven’t been into the store yet to have play, but I think my absolute favourite will undoubtedly be the Sunblock WASH! You actually shower it on…….amazing.

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Lucy Lucraft
Lucy Lucraft

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  1. J-Sco
    22nd July 2014 / 2:25 pm

    this is making me serious lol at my desk! xxx

  2. 23rd July 2014 / 1:53 pm

    I love Lush, too, but have never bought any of their products. I know that seems weird, but the products seem to be expensive and I can never decide which one I want to spend my money on. $18 for a block of soap doesn’t sit well with me. But I love the jelly shower wash and will maybe splurge on some for my bday. Have you used the wash on suncare? Does it work?

    • Lucy
      28th July 2014 / 8:47 am

      Thanks for the comment Kelsey! Yeah, it is definitely a treat if your a budget beauty girl and to be honest, there is a lot of stuff I wouldn’t bother with in Lush (deodorant, makeup!) but I massively recommend the solid shampoos. You should be able to get a sample, they are so good about that. I haven’t used the Suncare yet, but it is on my list to buy and I’ll post about it as soon as I do! L

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