A few weeks ago I wrote about our packing plans. Riveting, I know. I’m almost postive you have been tearing your hair out waiting for a post from us to finally release you from the chains of worry and tell you our final packing plans. I have taken the plunge and bought a 35l Karrimor backpack (a bargain at £16 from Sports Direct), a big step down from my Berghaus Jalan 55+10l. So how am I gonna do it? How am I going to cope with long term travel carrying only hand luggage?

Off to Athens, travel bloggers conference

Off to Athens

1) Downsize Duh| Pretty obvious right? But despite the fact that I have been on several long term trips, I still manage to either over/under or just plain scatter pack. However with the memories of lugging a heavy backpack full of fairly pointless toot around still painfully fresh in my mind, I vowed to change. Yes, I may miss my full sized bottle of Aqua Allegoria perfume but you know what I won’t miss? Being hot, sweaty, tired and very grumpy with 20 kilos of heavy crap on my back, pulling on my neck and making me look like “a tortoise”. Thank you Oli for that flattering comparison.

2) Packing Cubes Are Key| I cannot tell you how indispensable packing cubes are regardless of the size of your backpack. They perform a simple task – seperating and organising your wares in fabric cubes that are zippable and neat. I have 3 — a large one holding all of my clothes, and 2 smaller sizes with my underwear/bikinis and lastly medicine/chargers/jewellery.

3) Urgh….Minimal Toiletries| This is my weakness, I cannot lie and if any of you follow my beauty blog Lucy Loves Lipstick, you know just how hard it will be for me to cut back on my beauty bits. However, I am trying to be a bit more sensible and will be cutting way back and utilising my bounty of sample sized products. Makeup will be massively pared back to around 5 products (eeeeeek).

4) No More Paper Books| I have never been one to extoll the virtues of the iPad/Kindle etc for reading books. I find it awkward in the sun, and it’s not always super safe to have an expensive item in plain view. I just like the feel of paper books, I’m old fashioned like that I guess. We will be taking our bible in the form of the Lonely Planet Southeast Asia on a Shoestring naturally, and I’ll probably only take one book which I’ll likely swap at the various book swap opportunities you tend to find at hostels along the way.

5) Out go Sleeping Bags/Mosquito Nets etc etc| We had an insane amount of stuff ‘just in case’ last time round that we are happy to ditch. In my experience, you WILL be bitten by something when you’re travelling and the best way to avoid it is to be aware — don’t hang around stagnant water after 6 (rivers, lakes….any body of water except the sea) ‘cos it’s a mozzies stomping ground and be real – don’t stay somewhere that costs £4 a night without properly checking the bedding for signs of bedbugs. Also – keep the fan on! It is a very good protection from mosquito’s as are the, very cheap, mosquito coils you can pick up locally.

Do you have a serious case of bad-packingitis? Sharings Caring – drop me a comment below!

L x