London eating…..it’s something I think about often, and, well I do it often too. What’s my favourite way to ‘eat London?’ Oh, how I adore dim sum. But Mr Wanderluce declares he doesn’t so I rarely get to eat it. I know, I know…..it’s a travesty.

So when I was invited to try out the amazing Min Jiang menu on the 10th floor of the Royal Garden Hotel I was pretty excited. As a pretty much lifelong Londoner, I dream of having cocktails on the roof of posh hotels, but it rarely happens and I mostly forgo these luxuries for something far less glamorous indeed.

However after my dreamy dim sum experience at Min Jiang, I think I’ll be returning soon.

row of cocktails lined up on windowsill


London eating - three girls taking pictures of their cocktails

If you ever find yourself in London, or are lucky enough to live here and in need of something a little different of an evening then I would highly recommend the saintly pairing of cocktails, dim sum and delicious views. Along with a few friends, I enjoyed the nicest evening of girly chat and delicious food paired with even more delicious wine. And to be honest, I can’t quite believe I’ve walked past the Royal Garden Hotel so many times before and not realised what a hidden gem it is.

Chinese food close up shot

If you like your dining experience with a bit of theatre this is he place for you, and alongside classics like Crispy sucks and pancakes you can expect some cheeky twists. After a spectacular carving, we enjoyed our duck wrapped in pancakes the traditional way save for a few twists like Garlic Paste with Radish and Tientsin Cabbage. SO yummy.



And the dessert! Oh my…..I mean, I was FULL but this was something else. Deliciousness served with ice cream is what I would have called it, but the menu actually read: ‘Min Jiang Sichuan Pancake with Cornish Vanilla Ice Cream.’

The restaurant offers a few different dining options, but I’d recommend you enjoy a cocktail at the bar before enjoying some dim sum and champagne in the restaurant. And make sure to order some of the Chef’s special duck too.


Looking for the perfect night out in London? Look not further than Min Jiang: the yummiest cocktail and dim sum restaurant around!