Life Hacks All Women Need to Know

Life Hacks All Women Need to Know

Ok so the whole ‘hack’ thing appears to have blown up in recent years and there seems to be a different variety of clever ways you can improve your life at every turn.

But what the fudge is a hack? Essentially, it’s a shortcut. A way to make life easier, better, more fun by doing things a different way. If you are a Buzzfeed fanatic you’ll be au faix with the various hacks one can, well, hack? If not, have no fear as my little list is super simple and will make your life better albeit only for women……

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1) Get rid of a pesky static dress/skirt situation by popping some hand cream on your legs (bare or in tights!).

2) Love your mascara but hate the wand? Just use an old wand, it can give a surprisingly bad mascara a totally new lease of life! I like to keep my Clinique wands and use them with anything.

3) Clear mascara through your brows is cheap as chips and will keep them in place.

4) Rocking a bold lip? Lick the glass before you drink from it (subtly, this isn’t seduction hacks) and the lipstick won’t transfer.

5) Got tired black eye liner on and need to go straight out to a hot date? Use the tip of your finger to drag a bit out for a winged, smoky effect.

6) Use any oil (olive, sunflower!) on your wet freshly painted nails to dry them quicker.

7) Sudafed works wonders as a face mask. Great for acne/eczema and generally sad skin.

8) A bit of hairspray on your face will set your makeup. Just don’t go mental.

9) Use a credit card behind your lash line when you apply your mascara so you don’t get smudges all over your lids.

10) If in doubt, use coconut oil. I use it as a body moisturiser, makeup remover (just use it like you would a cleansing balm), hair mask, hair serum and lip balm…..there are endless possibilities!

11) Put your perfume at the back of your neck, and on your ankles. When the heat rises and you swish your hair you will smell dreamy.

12) Honey or bog standard tea tree will sort out minor pimples and spots. Turmeric mixed with honey is a potent face mask!

13) If your hair gets frizzy during the day and you haven’t got any serum to fix it, use lip balm (8 hour cream or Vaseline are both amazing) or a teeny bit of hand cream.

What are your life hacks?

L x

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