The Lazy Girls Guide to Losing Weight

The Lazy Girls Guide to Losing Weight

I am definitely not advocating that you all need to lose weight, but if you are an exercise phobe like me with a major penchant for cheese, carbs and wine — how do you do it? Whether you want to lose a few pounds pre Christmas, or get fit for a trip (like me) then The Lazy Girls Guide to Losing Weight is for you. It’s worth noting that I am neither a nutritionist nor a personal trainer but these things have worked for me.


Urgh I hate the gym so much, it is intimidating, expensive and everything smells of a vile concotion of sweat and Febreze. Gross. I tried running, and kind of got into it when we were traveling, but honestly — I cannot get past 1k…..I absolutely hate it. It’s just not for me, but I guess I’ll pick it up again a little bit when I’m travelling purely because it’s so convenient.

I have finally found the thing I like doing, and that’s HIIT. For those of you who don’t know, HIIT is High Intensity Interval Training aka exercising at full power for a short period of time, then a rest (or active rest)…..you repeat this in intervals, and the reason it’s so brilliant is because you burn more calories in a shorter period of time. Which, for this lazy girl, is a massive bonus.

You can obviously do this with any exercise you are doing anyway, but a more dedicated way of doing it is via Cross Fit (which is amazingly good fun) where you will use weights as resistance to get super strong, or you can use You Tube to source one of the many fitness videos on offer, for free!! My favourite is Fitness Blender, a husband and wife team who have a plethora of targeted workouts that are super easy to use. Some use weights, some don’t but you can pretty much tailor all of them to suit you best…..I am working my way up to the mega 1000 calorie one (I may never get there).


Hmmmm this is a tricky one. I absolutely LOVE food and couldn’t ever go on a ‘diet’ but I have made some small, but very effective, tweaks to my diet which has made a big difference.

Greek Yoghurt, Nakd Banana Bar, Nuts and Seeds, Gluten free, weight loss

My yoga mat handily doubles up as a plate.

1) I don’t eat cheese anymore……I mean, I eat when I eat out I definitely just eat what I want, including cheese, but on a day to day basis I try to stay away from it, with the exception of cottage cheese.

2) I’ve pretty much cut out gluten. This has been an ongoing thing, and I realised that I got on a lot better without it while travelling where my diet consisted mostly of rice, or rice noodles! That’s not to say I won’t have the odd bit of toast or a bacon sarnie when I’m hungover – but I pretty much stick to gluten free now, even when I’m eating out.

3) Breakfast is now either Porridge (you can get gluten free versions) or Greek Yoghurt (0% fat free) with fruit, honey and some pumpkin seeds sprinkled on top. I’m not normally one to eat sweet things in the morning but I have got into a bit of a habit with these two breakfast ideas so have stuck to it for a fair old while now.

4) We don’t really buy any treats to keep in the house anymore, but if I’m craving something after dinner or whatever I have a few tricks up my sleeve…..either cottage cheese or greek yoghurt, with a bit of honey and some fruit, or a banana cut in half with some peanut butter.Naked Banana Crunch (gluten and dairy free) bars are super delicious…..albeit kinda expensive and samll, but they are protein packed and fill a whole. SO yummy.

5) Urgh, water….obvs. I drink loads of water anyway, but I have tried to up the ante a bit and have also been drinking Green Tea! Say Whhhhhhaaaat?! I have found the perfect green tea, which tastes nice and doesn’t make me gag. Twinings Salted Caramel Green Tea is insanely yummy. I mean, obvs not as yummy as real salted caramel but the smell of it tricks your mind a bit. The only negative is the sheer volume of caffeine which is pretty high, although all the good stuff completely overrides it I think.

salted caramel, caremelised apples, Green Tea, healthy eating, losing weight

I think that’s it. Like any woman, my weight fluctuates a few pounds here or there depending on the time of day or month but overall I have remained the same for almost a year now and am super happy to stay that way if poss.

Let me know what you thought, did you find this helpful? I’d love your feedback so please share your thoughts, and any tips and tricks you have for keeping fit in the comments below.

L x

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Lucy Lucraft

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