Answer: Yes. Yes it is.


I didn’t really understand the hype around this product before I started using it. Every ‘Beauty Hall of Fame’ seemed to contain it, and celebrities, models, beauty mavens would all wax lyrical about it’s seemingly miracle powers. I’m a bit contrary by nature so obviously this put me off, and I can say now that I was cutting my nose off to spite my face and those dry, under moisturized years are years I will never get back. A lesson learned.

The other thing that put me off, was that lack of scent. I really like a luxe scented moisturiser and actually use the ones that come with your fave fragrance in a Christmas Gift Set. So, every time I popped into Kiehls I tried it on once more, and was disappointed with the lack of intense scent hitting my nose. So why have I changed my tune, I hear you cry? The thing is, when you slather this on your body, somehow the intensely moisturising (yet not greasy) formula more than makes up for the lack of fragrance….I sort of don’t even notice it now.

I say this now with tears in my eyes as my favourite moisturiser breathes its last few breaths…..yes, it has run out. Will I be repurchasing? Hell yeah.