We’ve haven’t even been in India a week yet, but so far it’s been very good to us. The food is amazing, the people are friendly & the weather, if a little hot, is amazing. The north will be really different, so for now we are enjoying it a lot.

We landed in Cochin after our super long 1hour flight and headed to Greenwoods Bethlehem in Fort Cochin where we stayed a few days. It’s the nicest little oasis, run by Sheba and Ashley who are beyond welcoming and basically want to adopt you (we didn’t believe the lonely planet when they said that, but it’s true).

Our first meal was at Dal Roti which is really popular with travellers and we could see why. It was cheap, insanely yummy and great service. The food is mostly North Indian, so if you are English – you probably won’t need the terminology page to decipher what everything is, and the portions are huge!

The next day was a but stressful, as my beloved flip flops broke. They’ve been with me since my last travels 5 years ago and have been great friends to my feet. I’ve been wearing Oli’s spare pair instead……


We then went to Shri Krishna for our very first dosa of the season. Dosa is a South Indian specialty and we love it! It’s basically a pancake with masala mashed potato inside, served with various curry/dips. Yum. And it was 35p.


After our food fest, we decided we should get a bit of culture in and headed to St Francis church, built by the Portuguese.



We also faffed about a bit in Jew Town where, as well as a synagogue, there is also a market, loads of goats…..and some oud.


The next day we realised it was our anniversary, so we celebrated with some amazing prawns for lunch. Down at the docks. You can pick up some fresh fish, and the local restaurants opposite will cook it for you for 100 rupees (£1). Oli did sme great haggling and got us 6 fat prawns for 200 rupees (£2). All in all, delicious.





We then went over to Ernakulam on the tourist ferry to see the last day of a Hindu festival at the Sivat Temple. We saw the elephants getting dressed up and starting their procession around town. I even got to feed one.


Onto Alleppey to discover the backwaters tomorrow.

L x