I am no dancer, but I understand the whole “move in time with the music” malarkey that people talk about. The best I can do is a mediocre impression of Stevie Wonder or an overly-exuberant Carlton from The Fresh Prince.

The traditional dance of Kerala is Kathakali, which Lucy and I went to see last night. The performers wear a lot of make up and massive costumes. It is, however, not a drag show.
I was expecting some bodily movement, but actually what I got was 2 blokes dressed up moving their faces and their hands. It’s quite unusual.

To top it off theirs a top less man at the back singing while playing with some tiny cymbals.

If you’re in Kerala, it’s probably worth a trip, but I wouldn’t advise making the trip specifically for Kathakali.

Here’s me with one of the guys. I’m on the left.

keralan dancing, kathakali

keralan dancing, kathakali