June, July & August Roundup: 20 Months of Travel

Okay this will be a mammoth roundup, as I’ve clearly lost the plot with any form of organisational skills. Indeed, I don’t seem to be on top of keeping the so called ‘monthly roundups’ in a monthly format at all!

Since I now live in Koh Tao and have been doing very little in the way of travelling, these posts may become a touch…dry, to say the least. But I think it’s still nice to write them every month (when I remember) so that I can recap a bit for myself, and to neatly roundup the ‘best of’ bits, so to speak.

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What I Did

Work has really picked up for me, and I finally made a profit in August. I continued my social media work with Travel Dudes & Roctopus, adding Hip Traveler into the mix too. Social Media Management is, shockingly, not my passion, so picking up freelance web design & travel writing work helped in keeping me from disappearing into a Facebook shaped hole.

I was a bit over the dive shop scene last roundup, so I focused instead on just hanging out with people I liked. That’s been amazing for my mental health and I haven’t laughed as much as I have these past few weeks….a little bit of pee may have escaped.

Nights in have been rare, but I’ve had a blast drinking San Miguel with Sanne on my porch, and paying far, far too many visits to Banyan than my liver would have liked.

August was awesome, as the sun came out and I worked on my tan and keeping a little work life balance. Oli arranged a surprise Flying Trapeze lesson, which FYI, was terrifying and we became regular visitors to some awesome secret spots around the island.

What I spent

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m not one of those bloggers that will be telling you every last penny I earn & spend but thankfully, we are now averaging out at about £30 a day.  We sold a scooter at a healthy 2k profit, moved to a much cheaper place (albeit losing 5k to a scamming Spaniard).

Work didn’t just pick up for me though, as Oli also got a stack of Dive Master work at Roctopus. I only did a few dives post open water, but as they were all at a nice discounted rate it wasn’t too pricy at all.

What I earned

Lots! Well, not lots in the grand scheme of things…but lots more than I did a few months ago. I managed to make a profit in August, although sadly I still don’t have enough to save some money for a rainy day.

It’s all going in the right direction though.

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  • Porch parties at Green Gardens.
  • Afternoon beers at The Sunset with Betty, Sanne, Terri & Jen
  • Flying Trapeze fail.
  • Beautiful weather!
  • Diving at Sail Rock with Oli.
  • Holding a first edition, 1975 Lonely Planet ‘Southeast Asia on a Shoestring’ guidebook, courtesy of Burt, a super cool guy we met in Malaysia.
  • Getting my wedding dress designed by Big Mama 😉


  • Getting homesick for the first time ever! I cannot tell you how much I missed London these past few months.
  • General island drama brought me down a little too much.
  • A very inconsistent fitness schedule, or lack thereof.
  • Travel planning fails aplenty on our visa run to Malaysia. Man, we literally never learn!


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Phew. That was a good reminder of what has passed….what’s next? Answers on a postcard….or below in the comments.

L x

Lucy Lucraft
Lucy Lucraft

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