Jetlag Dramas

Jetlag Dramas

Jetlag. What a bastard.

Jetlag. Seriously. What a bastard.

As you may have guessed, I will be discussing how I am a huge fan of jetlag, and it’s affect on the human body. To be fair, travelling nearly 8000 miles across multiple timezones and multiple flights is never going to end easily. However, I thought that it wouldn’t have been as bad as it was.

There we were, 2am wide awake, having slept for about 4 hours. There was literally no way I either of us were going to sleep any more. It was not ideal at all.

Our error, I’m sure was sleeping too much on the plane on the way over to Singapore from London . That flight is about 13 hours, and I think I slept for about 8, and Lucy for about 10 hours. Then, we had another sleep on the flight from Singapore to Bali, before arriving at midnight at our guesthouse in Bali. Obviously 8+2+another 6 or so is quite a lot of sleep!

And we found out to our detriment the next night as you have heard. Anyway, we just had to embrace it and we read, researched, chatted, and finally watched the sunrise before having a cup of tea and then heading out for a walk along the beach at about 7am.

Bali Beach Sunrise. The upside to jetlag....

Bali Beach Sunrise. The upside to jetlag….


It was just us and the Balinese families who had come to frolic in the sea before all the tourists steal it away from them. So overall, it could have been much worse, but I think I have a plan of action for next time it happens;

1. Locate a decent bar close to your room

2. Prop up the bar until as late as you can go

3. Sleep peacefully until the next morning

4. Awake with splitting hangover and ask which is worse – Jetlag or Hangover?


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