Terrible Backpacker Style……..

Terrible Backpacker Style……..

When your outfit choices are limited to a filth ridden backpack, you tend to care less about what you look like and the concept of ‘travel fashion’ is non-existent. I wear the same thing most days, and rarely look in a mirror for this reason.

However, there are a certain breed of people who are pretty uninhibited with their style choices and we would like to share them with you. Free spirits, we salute you!

Warning, some of the following images may offend you……

travel fashion, skimpy outfit, bangkok, thailand, tourist

I know it’s hot babes, but FML I can see what you ate for dinner in this getup…..

outfit, tourist, travel fashion, bangkok, thailand, se asia

Oh lord, is it a dress? A Top? What is it?!

Monk, robes, kaftan, tourist, travel fashion, thailand, bangkok, se asia

A Wolf in Monks clothing…..

A Mulberry Man-Bag, travel fashion, Thailand, Bangkok,SE Asia, really?

A Mulberry Man-Bag whilst travelling through SE Asia, really?

tourist, travel fashion,australian hat, thailand, bangkok

Oli and his new best friend.

Lucy Lucraft
Lucy Lucraft

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