My Top Tips for Taking Your Baby to a Festival

My Top Tips for Taking Your Baby to a Festival

Before I went to a festival with my newborn, I scoured the internet for examples of people who’d done the same. I found one website dedicated to kid-friendly festivals and not much else. Which is as good a reason as any to go ahead and write a guide myself!

I’m a fairly seasoned festival-goer and even went to a festival while pregnant with Anaïs (Bestival – not recommended!) but I was apprehensive about the idea of packing my perfect little baby (not literally you understand) and taking her to what can all too often be a debauched affair.

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Add to that a recent growth spurt and some ‘sleep regression’ (FYI I have so many thoughts about this) and I was less than excited about it all. But Oli knows me well and strongly suggested we just go, because: “Wilderness isn’t far from London , so if we don’t have fun we can come home.”

We had fun. So we didn’t come home early!

We honestly had the most fun scampering around, dressing Anaïs up and watching her little face light up when she saw bonkers festival-goers in full fancy dress. And we really didn’t need to take everything but the kitchen sink, although we could have done with a touch more comfort.

In truth, having a newborn seemed easier than having toddlers at a festival.

Full disclosure, I wrote about my trip for Mother & Baby so if you read that you might wanna skip this and go straight to my packing list post instead.
Still here? Great.
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Festival Fear! 

One of the things I was most worried about was the potential of Anaïs overheating in the tent.
I was also (weirdly) worried someone would steal my baby or plethora of pricey baby shiz from the tent. Hence why I didn’t bring too much.
I was an idiot on both counts because: a) we live in the UK where even in the height of summer it’s tear-inducingly cold at night and b) everyone at Wilderness had expensive baby gear & tbh there’s were pricier than ours.
Yes, Wilderness is posher than thou. But I liked that. Everything felt kitsch and safe and friendly. And I’m pretty posh anyway (read: Southern) so why would I care?
festival newborn baby - love sign disco ball
festival newborn baby - bacon butty food truck

FESTIVAL NEWBORN BABY - people sitting around campfire by lake

Family Friendly Fun

We didn’t really go for the music, although the lineup was good and had lots of interesting additions, like Laura Mvula singing Nina Simone with an orchestra. Being a small festival, it was really manageable to go to two main events — unlike bigger festivals where it takes an age to walk from one end to another.
There’s also absolute stacks of stuff to do if you don’t want to immerse yourself in the music. Wilderness went ALL out on the crafts, with a whole section of the main site dedicated to Instagram-worthy making. Think flower crown making, macrame pots, and whittling. Yes, whittling!
We enjoyed a spot of live podcasting with the Scummy Mummies and Cherry Healey and chilled out to a brilliant travel talk by my friend Flora in an intimate outdoor spot by the lake.
To be honest, we were slack with the planning (shock!) but if we go again I’ll make sure to book some stuff. An Ottolenghi tasting menu, hunter gatherer walk, some sort of cool crafting shiz and a Neal’s Yard Massage would be top of my list for next year.
In terms of baby-specific stuff……I mean, babies don’t actually need activities to have fun. In fact, I feel like taking a newborn is easier than any other age. Anaïs chilled happily in the sling with her eat defenders most of the time!
festival newborn baby - moody sky over festival field and view of bar
Now for the boring practical stuff……

Essential information

Wilderness will be held from Thursday 2nd – Sunday 5th, 2018 and tickets are currently being sold at the reduced rate of £168.50 (+ £11.50 booking fee). Kids are charged at tiered rates and we paid £6.50 for Anaïs ticket (which is a bit of a joke IMO as she used ZERO facilities…..)

We booked family camping (a requirement if you’re camping with little ones) and this was super close to the car park (5 mins walk) and the main entrance to the festival (3 mins.)
The toilets were plentiful and oh so clean, to the point where I felt I was using all my karma each time I used one!
We took a Pro Action 6 man tent with two compartments, a living area, and porch plus camping seats. We also took a cosy airbed 🙂 

If you want to see my full packing list, head here. 

Lots of people were using camping stoves, so if you wanted, you could easily make a lot of your own food. But the sinks only had cold water so washing up looked to be a bit of a drag….
Wilderness was pretty small, but there were still big queues for the shower each morning. And being in family camping, it was dreamily quiet after about 10 pm. Winning.
In terms of activities, I’d recommend checking out the website in advance as most were booked solid by Thursday. And the long table dining looked amazing! Bathing Under the Stars (Luxe Scandi hot tubs) is a must-do if you can — we didn’t partake due to the Bambino but did it at Bestival and I’d highly recommend it!
Would you take a newborn baby to a festival? 
L x
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  1. 10th September 2017 / 7:53 am

    This was interesting! We rarely have these open air camping-music festivals in this part of the world! And no one would ever dream of taking a baby to one of our jam-packed, eardrum exploding indoor music festivals.
    Got a lot of insight, thanks!

    • Lucy
      10th September 2017 / 1:59 pm

      Ooooh, I’m intrigued Jade, where is your part of the world? The fact we could stand quite far from the music was perfect for us, as she HATED the ear defenders! L x

  2. 10th September 2017 / 11:36 am

    Interesting account! Picking a parking place closer to the entrance and the car was probably a pretty smart move. And thank you for reminding about the ear covers. Missing those out could very easily change the experience!

    • Lucy
      10th September 2017 / 2:00 pm

      Yeah, it really helped our legs as we had a load more stuff than we’d usually bring due to the little one 🙂

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